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Monin Syrups

Monin Syrups perfectly complement our teas, coffees and hot chocolate. Exciting flavour trends to inspire our favourite recipes.


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Monin Syrup – Pumpkin Spice

70 Cl of Pumpkin and Cinnamon combine to make this expertly created Monin Syrup. Can be used in many drinks, from Hot Chocolates to lattes and teas.

Monin Syrup Stand

Stylish high-quality metal stand to display four of your favourite Monin syrups to your customers. Link multiple racks together with the integrated clip to display more bottles if you wish

Monin Syrup – White Chocolate

Fantastic flavoured 70 Cl monin syrup, which mixes well wih many other flavours. Includes hints of vanilla, cream and is made with authentic ingredients such as cocoa butter.

Monin Syrup – Vanilla

Made with a fine Vanilla extract from Madagascar, this Monin syrup will enhance any drink due to its versitile flavour and comes in a 70 Cl bottle

Monin Syrup – Toffee Nut

A rich, buttery toffee taste is delivered by another of Monin’s Syrups. A 70 Cl bottle containing a syrup which can be used on deserts, coffee and icecream.

Monin Syrup – Irish Cream

This Monin Syrup was based on Irish Cream,and fits perfectly with Coffee. When mixed with coffee, its called ‘Irish Coffee’. Comes in a 70 Cl bottle.

Monin Syrup – Hazelnut

A Hazelnut taste more powerful than the coffee taste hits the cup as this Monin Syrup is added. Available as a 70 Cl bottle.

Monin Syrup – Gingerbread

Monin Gingerbread presents a perfectly balanced blend of ginger and cinnamon for a true Gingerbread taste. Avaiable in 70 Cl bottles

Monin Syrup – Cinnamon

Coffee is one of the best uses of the oldest spices known – Cinnamon. Rich, warm and sweet. 70 Cl bottles available

Monin Syrup – Chocolate

Mochas, Lattes and Cappuccinos all love a bit of Chocolate Monin syrup added to them, whether hot or cold. 70 Cl bottles available


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