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Wonderful product especially the cappuccino - looks very impressive when customers are given their drink and the flavour is extremely good. Easy re-ordering process and the customer service side is very good.
Mercedes-Benz Dealership
On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best, I would rate Liquidline a 10 and I would certainly recommend your company to others. Liquidline are always fast and efficient in tending to our needs (services, supplies etc) and the end result is always pleasing.
We have always been happy with the service provided by Liquidline, any problems are always quickly resolved and their pricing is very competitive.
Essex Accountant Firm
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  • Café Bonte Single Origin Costa Rica Beans 500g

    A uniquely fruity coffee with sweet and sour notes. If you drink as espresso, you may taste notes of granny smith apple. Add milk and enjoy a coffee reminiscent of sweet caramel.


    Case Size: 12 x 500g
    Code: EBCBSOC

  • Café Bonte Single Origin Indonesia Beans 500g

    A Sumatran coffee with a twist! Our Lingtong Sumatra beans feature the spicy, warm notes you’d expect from a Sumatra coffee combined with rich chocolate and smooth caramel notes.


    Case Size: 12 x 500g
    Code: EBCBSOI

  • Café Bonte Single Origin Ethiopia Beans 500g

    Not for the faint of heart!  A full bodied, complex coffee with bright and bold flavours. Drunk as espresso it’s sure to make your taste buds tingle, with vibrant, citrussy notes. Add milk for a smoother, more balanced coffee with a delicate finish.


    Code: EBCBSOE

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