Coronavirus Updates

The safety and well-being of our customers and of our colleagues is of the utmost importance. While the situation around Coronavirus keeps evolving, we’re closely monitoring government and official public health organisation announcements for guidance, and we want to let you know the actions we are taking.

Coronavirus Customer Update March 16 2020

We would like to update you on what the current advice is and the steps we are taking in response to the spread of the Coronavirus in the UK both internally and the impact for our customers.

The following is based on Public Health England’s (PHC) COVID-19: Guidance for employers and businesses updated 10th March 2020, NHS Coronavirus (COVID-19) Overview updated 10th March 2020, and PHCs Stay at home: guidance for people with confirmed or possible coronavirus (COVID-19) infection updated 12th March 2020.

Symptoms and Infection

The most common symptoms of coronavirus are the recent onset of:
• new continuous cough and/or
• high temperature (fever of above 37.8C)

For the majority of individuals, COVID-19 will be a mild infection.

On 12th March 2020 the government updated their stay at home guidance. If individuals have the symptoms of coronavirus infection (as above), however mild, they are to stay at home and not leave their house for 7 days from when the symptoms started. 14-day isolation is recommended for those who have travelled to an infected area, or those who have been in close contact with an infected person.

We are making sure our employees abide to Government guidelines in regards to the details highlighted below:

If you have mild symptoms:

• DO stay at home and avoid close contact with other people for 7days.
• DON’T go to a GP surgery, pharmacy, or hospital.
• DON’T call NHS 111 or your GP to report your symptoms unless you are worried.
• DO seek medical advice if your symptoms get worse or are no better after 7 days by calling NHS 111.
• DO inform your Line Manager or Sophie Dyer (HR Manager) who will advise on working from home/sick pay.

If you have travelled to an infected area, or have been in close contact with an infected person:

• DO stay at home and avoid close contact with other people for 7days.
• DON’T go to a GP surgery, pharmacy, or hospital.
• DO use NHS 111 online coronavirus service or call 111 to find out what to do next.
• DO inform your Line Manager or Sophie Dyer. The situation will then be immediately reviewed, and appropriate action is taken.
• DO send your Line Manager or Sophie Dyer a fit note if you are provided with one.

Advice on self-isolation can be found at


• DO cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or flexed elbow (NOT YOUR HANDS), when you cough or sneeze.
• DO wash your hands with soap and water, or hand sanitiser if non are available, regularly. When you cough, sneeze, enter the workplace or home, before handling food.
• DON’T touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean.
• DO clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.
• DON’T wear a face mask, they are not recommended to protect from infection, there is no evidence of benefit from their use.
• DO keep your desk clean and tidy.

Other steps we have taken internally are:

• We have restricted all non-essential travel to our regional offices. We ask that employees use video calls as an alternative for meetings where possible.
• We ask that employees limit the amount of hot-desking and where possible work in one area to help us minimise contamination where possible.
• We will be asking our cleaner to be more thorough across our premises.
• We will be removing fresh fruit from the office, as a temporary measure, for hygiene reasons.
• We will be looking to introduce hand sanitisation points around our premises, the meantime please ensure you regularly wash your hands.
• Hand sanitizer and gloves have been provided for all engineers. We highly recommend that hands are washed on entering and leaving customer premises. Please be vigilant to other organisations specific guidelines.
• For those who have advised us of foreign travel plans, we are monitoring government advice and will take necessary action where required.

Steps Liquidline are taking when attending our customer’s sites:

• All of our engineers are now supplied with hand sanitiser and also have latex hand gloves and masks.
• The masks will only be used in the event that a customer does require the engineer to use the mask.
• In situations, where customers are closing down the office, we will provide a relevant guide on how to carry out a deep clean on the coffee machine, so that when the office is back to business the coffee machine will function as normal.
• In situations, where visitors are restricted, we are now carrying out video calls so that staff on-site can try to fix the machine with the help of our in-house technicians.
• Otherwise, we can look to send a capsule machine which will be a temporary fix until the customer allows a technician to attend site to repair the machine.

Liquidline Communications Team