At Liquidline, we understand that during these unprecedented times, it’s important for everyone to work together in order to get through the current situation. This is precisely why we have a dedicated FAQ page to answer any questions regarding safety precautions and COVID-19. With lockdown regulations currently easing, it is important to consider what precautions can be carried out to keep safe whilst being back in the office.

What commercial coffee machine can be used in the office, that restricts no contact?

Answer: We have a range in Touchless Coffee Machines, which are perfect to use in a Commercial environment. Touchless coffee machines are suited to use in practically any commercial or retail environment. With ‘no touch’ required when selecting your coffee, you will be able to safely select your coffee, limiting cross contamination. Simply download the app and place your order via Bluetooth connection.

I am based in a large office, and want to purchase a commercial coffee machine that requires minimal contact

Answer: If you are in a larger office space and want to find something more suitable to a larger environment, then we have a comprehensive range in distance selection coffee machines. Distance selection coffee machines are designed to detect movement from a distance, allowing touch free access to making your coffee. Being in the office space will require as many safety precautions as possible, which is why the distance selection coffee machines will be an ideal product for this scenario.


Limit the risk of contracting Covid-19 by adhering to Social Distancing

measures. In addition to this, it is important to wear your face mask whilst in the office space. This way, you keep both yourself, and your team members at minimal risk. Be sure to wash your hands regularly when using office supplies or when having contact with other people, and when unable to do so, use hand sanitiser. Ensure you stick to a cleaning routine for your machine to avoid any chance of contracting Covid-19, including external and internal cleaning. This way, any germs can be killed prior to spreading. If you are seeking a commercial coffee machine, be sure to view our touchless commercial coffee machine range here.

Key health and safety measures

Protecting the health and safety of your employees and yourself, within the workplace is paramount. Here are some of the most crucial measures you should take to keep the office safe:

  • • Continue to follow relevant national and global guidance, including from the Government, NHS and the World Health Organisation (WHO).
  • • Prior to returning into the office, carry out appropriate risk assessments for the environment. These will cover risks posed by the premises, work conditions (distance between workstations) and the composition of the workforce.
  • • Transparent communication with the team will be beneficial. Think about providing guidance and establishing protocols on the workplace measures you have in place.
  • • Reconsider working hours and travel arrangements – for example, staggering start and end times. This would be an ideal way to staff commuting at peak travel hours. Encourage staff to use modes of transport that reduce exposure to others (e.g. walking or cycling, where possible). For staff who have long, unavoidable commutes, consider whether they can continue to work from home (or continue to be furloughed). Prohibit non-essential travel to work also.