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The Green Future Of Coffee Roasting

Coffee is one of the world’s largest traded commodities, with staggering amounts being consumed every day.

This equates to a huge amount of generated waste, CO2 emissions and a problem that is likely to get worse as developing nations continue to grow a taste for the drink.

Whilst measures are in place to make the industry more sustainable, protecting habitats and workers livelihoods through Fairtrade and the Rainforest Alliance, very little is currently being done after coffee consumption.

Being as passionate about our coffee as we are about the planet, is why we have spent so long developing and testing our new Eco Roast™ technology and the whole Coffe-Eco System™. It will dramatically reduce the amount of coffee grounds and disposables being deposited into landfill and instead can be used in a positive way to fuel an energy efficient green coffee roasting plant.



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What Is Eco Roasting?


Liquidline has partnered with 918 Coffee Co who have been working over the last two years on a patented and trademarked system to deliver the very best and freshest coffee without producing any waste or carbon footprint.


This new process is known as the Coffe-Eco System™ and uses unique roasting technologies set to completely change the coffee industry - for the better.  


By providing companies with an environmentally friendly sustainable solution to reducing waste as well as CO2 emissions, Liquidline hope to change how the world consumes coffee.

The Coffe-Eco System™ was an 'Green Apple Environment Award Winner' as well as winning an award in the 'FSB Worldpay UK Business Awards 2016'.

Eco Roast Cycle Liquidline

Industry Facts & Figures

400 billion cups consumed a year

149.3 million 60kg bags consumed in 2014 

500,000 tonnes of coffee waste to landfill each year in the UK alone

59.12g of CO2 generated from bean to cup

1.8 million tonnes of CO2 emissions produced each year in the UK alone

The Carbon Footprint Of Coffee




A study has shown that the total carbon footprint calculated for a Costa Rican coffee across the full supply chain is 4.98kg of CO2 per kilogram of coffee.


As the chart outlines, the main carbon emissions are released at farm level (20%), the central mill (13%) and the process of consumption (43%).

Using Eco Roast™ Technology we are able to make substantial reductions in the roasting, packaging and disposal parts of the process - reducing overall CO2 emissions by around 10%


Carbon Footprint Of Coffee - Liquidline

Benefits Of Eco Roasted Coffee

Reduce Your Waste

Disposal Costs 

Enhance Your

Environmental Policy 

Lower Your

Carbon Footprint 

Help Protect The


Join A Growing Network

Of Coffe-Eco System Users

Get Recognised And Let Us

Support Your Brand

Eco Roast Coffee Blends

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Eco Roast Coffee Blends




Perfectly blended to produce a stunning, well balanced, full flavour espresso with distinct notes of Cedar wood and berry fruit with lingering aftertaste and a delicate aroma.  

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Perfectly blended to produce a stunning, well balanced, snappy espresso with distinct notes of black currant and citrus with a long fruity lingering aftertaste. 

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