• 8 Ways to Avoid Falling Sales in the Hot Weather
    The coffee market is undeniably seasonal – it is a fact of life that we drink more hot drinks in the winter and so sales are naturally higher during the colder weather.
  • Father's Day Recipes
    Father’s Day is just around the corner so we’ve naturally been thinking about the role coffee plays in the celebrations. It may not naturally be your go to drink when you think about Father’s Day (many dads are pretty partial to a frosty cold beer.) But if you’re making Dad breakfast in bed or taking him out for breakfast or a Father’s Day lunch, you can be sure that it’ll feature in the day.
  • Guide to Upselling for Coffee Retailers
    If you are in the business of selling coffee, we don’t need to tell you- your customers are your business.
  • Recipe: Berry Infusion
    Enjoy our newest Berry Infusion recipe with friends or indulge in a glass or two on your own - don't worry, we wont say anything!
  • Recipe: Summer Blocks
    Summer is here and what better way to celebrate with our new summer blocks recipe, baileys with a coffee twist - drive your taste buds crazy!
  • Your Guide to Cold Drinks
    It’s a common challenge – we drink hot coffee and hot tea throughout autumn, the winter and into spring. But then a heat wave hits and we’re not sure what to drink!
  • Recipe: Cucumber & Mint Summer Drink
    Try this refreshing drink using Sweetbird Syrup just mixed with water!
  • Recipe: Minted Indi-Tee
    We have a new recipe in town. Follow our step-by-step guide to our funky refreshing Minted Indi-Tee!
  • Sustainable Coffee from Bean to Machine
    Having your daily cup of coffee at the office may seem like a harmless habit, but the truth is that the whole coffee production is far from being sustainable. UK consumers produce up to 500,000 tonnes of coffee waste every year and the carbon footprint of coffee goes from 21g of CO2 (black coffee) to 340g of CO2 for a latte.
  • Recipe: Thailand Teaser
    Summer is just around the corner but we're taking you to Asia with this Thailand Teaser recipe - an ice cold coffee to get your taste buds tingling!
  • Coffee in the Hospitality Industry
    A walk along just about any high street in the country is enough to hint at the rising importance of coffee. While we may not quite have the weather to make pavement cafes attractive outside, there are other ways of ensuring that coffee fans find coffee buying and drinking during their day-to-day lives an enjoyable experience.
  • Coffee in the Spring Time
    Spring has finally sprung! It's much too warm for scarves and hats now, but not quite hot enough for a brisk, refreshing iced coffee. Thankfully, that means we're in the perfect in-between place where we can enjoy delicious springtime coffee drinks and the possibilities are practically endless.
  • Enjoy a Nice Cup of Tea or Coffee
    If you're not a coffee lover then no doubt you're a tea lover! Either way both are delightful and both socially important. On the plus side they have many potential health benefits too.
  • The Impact of Quality Coffee on First Impressions
    We've all been there before: you're meeting someone for the first time and they offer you a cup of coffee. Of course you accept as it would be rude not to. Then what is handed to you is a disappointing poor quality coffee with a disgusting bitter taste. Oh and you just have to drink it because you feel obliged. Now this isn't usually a problem when it comes to popping round to someone's house for a cuppa, but in the world of business, the power of creating a good first impression is making sure the impact is positive.
  • Use the Juicetouch to Reward & Revitalise
    We all know that everyone should be drinking at least two litres of water per day but how many people actually manage it? Your employee's are working hard all day, your clients and guests look to you to provide their refreshments and you want to deliver cost effective solutions which doesn't just re-hydrate, but reward. How?
  • 5 Reasons Why Coffee Is A True Valentine
    Valentine's Day - a day where couples exchange traditional, heart felt gifts over candle lit dinners and reminisce on the time together.
  • Know Your Tea – The Connoisseur’s Guide
    Fancy a change in brew? Are you swapping coffee for tea and not sure which teas are best or how to make it perfectly? Don't panic - get a cuppa, put your feet up and lets start by tea-ching you some of the best teas out there.
  • Fruit Juice for a Healthier Working Day
    Installing a juice dispenser doesn't just give you great healthy drinks, but happy staff too! Find out why this could give your company a great start to the new year.
  • The Importance of Coffee Breaks
    Today’s modern work environment can be stressful for the best of us. Studies show that stress can be reduced by taking regular coffee breaks.
  • Wellbeing in the Workplace
    Employers are increasingly recognising the importance of wellbeing in the workplace. ‘There is growing recognition of the importance of individual wellbeing inside and outside the workplace. In working to get the very best out of their organisation, many managers are choosing to adopt practices to increase the wellbeing of their staff.’ – ACAS* At Liquidline we understand that employee wellbeing leads to business growth. We want to work with you to help you achieve that.
  • Sustainable Coffee – What You Need to Know
    At Liquidline we are passionate about supplying quality, sustainable coffee that minimises environmental impact and supports the livelihood of the coffee farmers. As part of our commitment we work as part of the Rainforest Alliance and our products bear the Rainforest Alliance seal.
  • Top Ways to Show Employees You Care
    In order to compete in the modern business environment it is essential to show employees you care and increase engagement.
  • Six Reasons You Need a Lattiz Machine Right Now
    If you are as passionate about coffee as we are you will love our new Lattiz milk machine.
  • 23 Little Known Facts about Coffee
    At Liquidline we are passionate about coffee and we supply quality coffee and coffee machines to businesses all over the UK. In this article we outline 23 unusual facts about coffee.
  • Choosing the Best Mains Fed Water Cooler Guide
    A good water dispenser is essential in the office environment – besides being necessary for health and vitality, water is refreshing and delicious, and has increasingly become many people's beverage of choice in this more health conscious day and age.
  • The FLAVIA® barista - Bring the barista to your office!
    The new FLAVIA® barista is a coffee machine makes the single-serve brewing of hot drinks a simple affair. By merely pressing a button you will be able to quickly and safely serve a wide range of hot beverages, including coffee, tea, cappuccinos, lattes and espressos.
  • The FLAVIA® Creation 200 Hot Drinks Machine
    The FLAVIA® Creation 200 has arrived at Liquidline! For those wanting a small, sleek, fast and efficient hot drinks machine, that can give you coffee (from espresso to lattes), teas (from breakfast to fruit teas) and delicious hot chocolate, you need look no further...
  • The Markus 2 Group Professional Espresso Machine
    It's our most popular espresso machine, so we thought we'd explain why it is so good and how this versatile espresso machine could be the perfect solution for your business.
  • Commercial Coffee Machines- Which Machine For Your Business?
    It’s well known that providing access to high quality coffee in the workplace can greatly increase worker morale and productivity. What isn’t so well known is that you can achieve this with ease at a cost effective price without compromising the quality of the coffee you enjoy.
  • Franke Commercial Coffee Machines
    Franke coffee machines have emerged as some of the finest fully automatic coffee brewing machines in the market—and with good reason...
  • Jura Commercial Coffee Machines - Which is best for you?
    The quality of automatic coffee machines from Jura make it easy to mimic a coffee shop experience in the workplace. The challenge that you may face however is choosing the right commercial coffee machine from the impressive Jura range. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at these machines
  • Marco Ecoboilers - Energy Efficient Water Boilers
    When it comes to refreshment in the colder months, bottled water just lacks the same punch as a nice, hot drink..
  • The Benefits of Coffee in the Workplace
    Creating the best working environment for staff gives not just a great message to employees (and also visitors) but can also give benefits to the organisation or company. Find out how...
  • The Flavia Creation 400
    Offering superb choices of the finest coffee shop style drinks, at the best possible price, the Flavia Creation 400 is an excellent choice for your workplace. Find out more...
  • Which Coffee Machine for your Organisation?
    Need a hand choosing the best commercial coffee machine for your business? Then don't miss out on our helpful guide...
  • Which style of coffee suits you?
    There are many different types and styles of coffee available to us all now, however some of us can be left a little confused as to what they all are. Let’s break the main options down for you…
  • Commercial Juice Dispensers - Post or Pre-mix?
    If you need a juice dispenser for your customers or staff, then you may need help in deciding which may be best for your needs. Let our guide help you make a decision!
  • A Water Boiler Could Replace Your Kettle...
    If you still use a kettle in your organisation, it could be time to investigate water boilers. Fast, efficient, time and energy saving, the arguments for a water boiler are very powerful. Find out why they could be a great installation.
  • Commercial Water Dispensers or Water Boilers?
    Do you need a water dispenser for chilled crisp refreshing water? Or are you looking to throw away the kettle and use an eco-friendly water boiler? Let us help you choose...