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Commercial Coffee Machines from Liquidline

At Liquidline, we have over 17 years experience as a Commercial Coffee Machine supplier. We pride ourselves on our range of equipment and accessories for the commercial environment and offer a selection of payment options that allow you to lease, rent or buy your Commercial Coffee Machine.

Our core focus is you and your business, which is why we provide a premium service from first enquiry through to installation, ensuring you make the right decision when choosing a Commercial Coffee Machine.

We supply an extensive range of Commercial Coffee Machines suited to office, hospitality and retail settings, including Traditional Espresso Coffee Machines, Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines, Instant Coffee Machines and more.

Our range of Commercial Coffee Machines are specially selected based on performance, quality and reliability. So, whether you run a Café, a 5-star hotel, a large corporate office, a car dealership or even a care home, we have the perfect Commercial Coffee Machine for your business.

Coffee requirements vary hugely from business to business, so we deliver a bespoke service that ensures you select the best Commercial Coffee Machine for your needs, with free delivery and installation as standard, plus ongoing maintenance and support.

We pride ourselves on our matchmaking abilities  and will work with you to recommend the most suitable Commercial Coffee Machine with a no-obligation quote, to help you make an easy, informed decision on which Commercial Coffee Machine is best for your business.

From Traditional Espresso Machines for coffee connoisseurs to our Bean to Cup Coffee Machines offering ultimate convenience, not forgetting our high volume of fresh ground and Instant Coffee Machines, we can provide a real coffee house experience in a variety of environments. Where needed, we can also aid you in selecting an appropriate coffee grinder and additional coffee making accessories to ensure you brew the perfect cup every time.

Besides providing you with high-quality, fully automatic, professional Commercial Coffee Machines, we also have a dedicated after-sales team and a 97% retention rate for customers – our Office Coffee Machines are some of the most loved in the commercial coffee industry.

We offer free all-inclusive training and installation of your Commercial Coffee Machine (for those with an Espresso Machine this can include barista training) and provide an ongoing maintenance service with an 8-hour callout response time – meaning we often solve problems on the same working day.

Our Commercial Coffee Machines are available for lease, rent or purchase, depending on your business needs, and beyond this we offer a range of coffee supplies and consumables.

What Drinks do Commercial Coffee Machines Make?

Our Office Coffee Machines and Commercial Coffee Machines offer a wide range of drink options including latte, cappuccino, espresso, hot chocolate and more. We have our very own coffee bean brand, Café Bonté, which has a huge range of Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and UTZ Certified coffee, for the perfect, fresh bean to cup coffee.

Ethical Commercial Coffee Machines Supplier

Liquidline is very aware of the effect the coffee industry has on the environments and communities it operates in. For that reason we take a responsible approach to business, embracing sustainability and ethical production wherever we can.

Unlike other commercial coffee machine suppliers, we believe that the perfect coffee is created with beans sourced from eco-friendly supply chains, supporting farmers and environments in developing countries.

We are an accredited supplier of various Soil Association Organic, Fairtrade, UTZ and Rainforest Alliance certified coffee products. Whether you’re looking to purchase single origin beans for your Traditional Espresso Machine, pre-ground beans for your Filter Coffee Machine or instant coffee for your hot drinks Vending Machine, Liquidline has an ethically produced solution for your business

Our approach not only applies to coffee farming, but also to the Commercial Coffee Machines themselves. Many of our Office Coffee Machines feature energy efficient technology and we have partnered with organisations such as Bio-Bean, Eco Roast and First Mile Recycling to help your business meet its own carbon footprint targets. 

Discover our full range of Green Credentials.

Commercial Coffee Machine Rental & Leasing

Running a commercial organisation can be costly, so it makes sense to make smart financial decisions when investing in new equipment. Rather than facing a one-time large outlay, many of our customers choose to lease or rent coffee machines rather than purchase them outright. 

By renting a coffee machine you can have the equipment when you need it, not when you have the budget available, but it also offers additional tax benefits which can create additional savings further down the road. Furthermore, you can upgrade your machine to the latest model when your contract comes to an end if you choose.

When you rent a coffee machine from Liquidline, you’ll sign up for a coffee machine lease, which will set out the terms of your agreement. Coffee machine leasing typically lasts for a fixed duration, either 3 or 5 years. At Liquildine our coffee machine rentals include free installation, on-site training and full account management from day one. If you opt to purchase your consumables (coffee beans etc.) from us you’ll also receive free service and maintenance giving you total peace of mind. 

Give your team and visitors their daily dose of delicious fresh coffee with a commercial coffee machine rental from Liquidline.

Guide to Choosing a Commercial Coffee Machine

The most popular requirement of commercial coffee machines for the office space, big or small, is that it is an Automatic Bean-to-Cup Machine. Automatic Bean-to-Cup Machines deliver a quality cup of coffee, are versatile, fast-working and can cater for up to sixty employees per day, offering up to 300 beverages over six options of coffee, depending on the model of machine.

The goal of a Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine is to make barista style fresh espresso beverages in a quick and convenient way. Bean-to-Cup Machines offer self-service coffee, without the need to be a professionally trained barista.

Every Commercial Coffee Machine features a control panel that allows you to adjust the settings and start/stop the coffee making process with an easy-to-navigate menu and touchscreen functionality. You can have one-touch espresso in the office and adjust the temperature, coffee strength and timing within seconds. Beyond this, many touchscreen coffee machines can be utilised for the purpose of advertising (in B2C environments) or company updates (in office or working environments).

What Different Types of Commercial Coffee Machine are There?

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines can be automatic or semi-automatic and will grind fresh beans for each cup of coffee. As with any coffee machine, a range of drinks options can be found, depending on the needs of your business.

Traditional Espresso Machines

Traditional Espresso Machines are most commonly used in cafés or restaurants and are otherwise known as a Barista or Professional Coffee Machines. These machines require freshly ground coffee beans, used to craft authentic espresso, which is then combined with other ingredients to create lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos and more. We can also supply Commercial Coffee Grinders to assist in the grinding process.

Filter Coffee Machines

Filter Coffee Machines are used to bulk brew coffee and are a popular choice for a quick turnaround of black coffee or simple coffee with milk. These machines are often used in cafés, canteens, conference venues and offices

Instant Coffee Machines

Instant Coffee Machines provide coffee quickly and easily, and can be filled with a range of different drinks and flavours to enhance the drinking experience. These machines are ideal for care homes, hospital waiting rooms, offices and garden centres looking to supply quick, delicious coffee to customers.

Coffee to go Machines

Coffee to go Machines are widely used in retail environments, such as convenience stores and petrol stations, they are designed to provide delicious self service take away coffee on the go. Perfect for retail environments looking to offer greater incentives to customers.

Nitro Cold Brew

The latest development in coffee that is becoming increasingly popular everywhere, from gyms to coffee shops, and even in some offices. Nitro Cold Brew is a cold coffee poured with nitrous oxide added. It provides a crisp, refreshing boost to customers – whether in the heat of summer or not!

What Key Features Should I Consider When Choosing A Commercial Coffee Machine?

The core elements to consider when choosing a Commercial Coffee Machine for your business are:

  • Milk Frothing System – Many Bean-to-Cup Machines come with their own built-in milk frothing systems, ideal for those who are a fan of milky drinks such as cappuccinos and lattes. Perfect for those wanting to have their drink ready made, rather than having to be professionally trained to use a steam wand on a Traditional Espresso Machine.
  • Milk Pods – These are found with capsule or pod machines, which are dispensed directly into your cup.
  • LED Screen – Many Bean-to-Cup machines come with their own integrated LED touchscreen for self-service use. They are easy to navigate your way around, choose what type of coffee you prefer and what size you would like.
  • Touch free operation - In light of the covid-19 pandemic, many workplaces are looking to reduce common touch points by introducing coffee machines with touch free ordering via smartphone apps and infrared sensors. View Touch Free Machines.

What Functionality to Consider in Your Commercial Coffee Machine?

There are many elements to consider when selecting the perfect Commercial Coffee Machine for your business. Liquidline will work closely with you to establish your requirements and provide a machine that not only meets, but exceeds expectations. Below are just a few of the functions we will consider:

  • Capacity – If you require an Office Coffee Machine that can serve a high volume of employees, then it’s important you look for a model with a large water tank capacity of around 1.5 litres or more, so you don't have to refill constantly throughout the day.
  • Maintenance – Regular cleaning and descaling your Industrial Coffee Machine will help keep it working well for longer. Look for automatic cleaning programs to make it easier to maintain in the long-term. If your machine needs to be cleaned manually, be sure to check whether the parts are easy to remove for cleaning and are dishwasher safe.
  • Smart Controls – Some Coffee Machines can be connected to your smartphone where you can monitor water levels, adjust temperature levels, create your own coffee recipes and access troubleshooting advice or maintenance alerts.
  • Automatic Grinding – Before coffee beans can be used to make espresso, they need to be finely ground. The benefits of a Bean-to-Cup Machine are that it can grind coffee beans on demand, whenever you want to make a coffee. You can also adjust the coarseness settings and grind new coffee for every cup.

Discover more in our full guide on the Best Commercial Coffee Machines

How Long Does a Commercial Coffee Machine Last?

Depending on the make and model, a Professional Coffee Machine can last for up to 25 years. The lifespan of a Commercial Coffee Machine is determined by the level of maintenance and care. Much like a car, the more attention you give a Commercial Coffee Machine, the longer it will last. Cleaning, boiler inspections and water filter changes can dramatically increase the longevity.

When you lease a Commercial Coffee Machine and buy consumables directly from Liquidline, we’ll provide ongoing maintenance and servicing totally free of charge.

How Often do I Need to Clean my Commercial Coffee Machine?

Low capacity Office Coffee Machines that cost between £500 - £2,000 will require daily cleaning and weekly deep cleaning cycles, whereas more advanced Bean-to-Cup Commercial Coffee Machines that cost from £2,500 up to £12,000 will have automatic daily cleaning built-in, therefore cleaning would not be required.

If you’re unsure, please check out The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning a Commercial Coffee Machine.