Schaerer Barista Machine

Top quality Swiss Espresso coffee, that you can indulge in with this Schaerer Barista machine. With the choice of up to 12 beverage recipes, touch display for easy set up and heated cup storage. It is easy to handle with minimal amount of training required and offers maximum flexibility and can be prepared in any size without changing the full-bodied, harmonious balance between sweet, sour and bitter tasting coffee finish.

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Schaerer Barista coffee machine bean hoppers

Two air cooled bean hoppers

Storage for two different types of coffee beans with ventilation, ensuring the beans are kept cool and maintaining their quality.

schaerer barista coffee machine milk jug

Steam system for milk foam

Fully automatic hot milk preparation in up to three different consistencies.

schaerer barista coffee machine heated cups

Heated cup storage

Heated storage that can be pushed back to allow convenient access to the bean hoppers below.

Technical Details

Weight75 Kg
Depth Including Group Handle619mm
Recommended Daily Output - Espresso (per hour)300
Hot water (per hour)48 Litres
Power Supply (dependant on configuration)6600W 30A

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Schaerer Barista Machine