Oasis Floorstanding Bottled Cooler

The Oasis range has been specially designed for different purposes satisfying customer's requirements and is available as hot or cold water, providing you with fresh, clean water around the clock.

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alpine water chilled

Polycarbonate Housing

The Oasis Bottled Cooler has a Polycarbonate housing, making it scratch-resistant and durable.

Water being poured into glass from bottle

Removable Reservoir

The dishwasher-safe removable reservoir makes this machine very easy to clean.

7oz plastic cup

External Cup Holder

This water cooler can house your cups separately.

Technical Details

Product ID OASFL
Width (cm) 33
Height (cm) 99.5
Depth (cm) 33
Weight (max kgs) 14.7
Cold Tank Capacity (Ltrs) 2.2

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    Oasis Floorstanding Bottled Cooler



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