Ecoboiler T10

The Ecoboiler T10 is an energy-efficient water boiler with a compact footprint that plumbs directly into a mains supply and is suitable for the catering environment. The T10 provides you with a constant supply of boiling water for tea and coffee saving you the hassle and the time wasted using kettles. Ideal for all locations - hotels, restaurants, kitchens, coffee shops and canteens.

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£ 6.00
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  • Full training on operation and maintenance of the machine
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ecoboiler drip tray

Drip Tray

The Ecoboiler T10 has a removable drip tray for ease of use.

ecoboiler water machine

Easy to Descale and Service

This machine is easy to descale and service saving you time and money on machine maintenance. Trouble-free service all year round.

ecoboiler water machine

Energy Efficient

This machine is very energy efficient and well insulated to help reduce energy costs and minimise heat losses. The T10 is also made out of 95% recyclable material.

Optional Touchless Adapter

This adapter is made from easy-to-clean and hygienic stainless steel. It affixes cleanly over the tap, as users simply need to push the adapter with the back of the cup or vessel. The specially designed curved adapter minimises the risk of contact between the cup lip and the tap. The adapter does not need an Engineer to install or any down-time for the system. This adapter works with all Eco boilers.

Technical Details

Product IDECOT10
Electrical Requirements240v 50Hz
Max kW requirement2.8kW
Capacity per hour28 litres
Instant Draw Off10 litres

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Ecoboiler T10

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