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10 Things Every Manager can do to Support and Motivate Their Employees

10 Things Every Manager can do to Support and Motivate Their Employees

Employee needs, and satisfaction is paramount for the success of any business, and is driven by the person managing the company and its employees. Employee satisfaction is a key factor in employee motivation, employee goal achievement and positive employee morale in the workplace.

There are many things you can do as a manager to support and motivate your employees and help fulfil their desires and needs at work including ways to better support their health and wellbeing.

1. Creating a culture of transparency

Create a workplace that your employees are happy working in. Do all your employees get along? Is there a way you can better promote equality? Your employees will reflect and mimic your behaviours, so it is important to be trustworthy, reliable and open-minded. Create designated quiet spaces, for employees that are finding it difficult to concentrate and can take regular mental breaks.

2. Offer flexible scheduling

Technology has changed the way businesses operate and the way they work. Give your employees the flexibility of checking emails on their phones, or taking calls, or to finish projects at home. Flexibility is the most important factor when it comes to job searching, including working from home, or having flexi-time. Be more mindful of how your employees work best.

man working at home on computer

3. Offer mentorship and new learning opportunities

For new and rising talent, it is important to focus on encouraging new ways to learn. Every manager should be open to flourishing opportunities, that could help boost employee retention rates, from business day or weekend trips, to mentoring courses, and networking opportunities. The fast rise of social media and new technologies can be an excuse for you to offer extra training and support, to those who need help with dealing with any technical challenges.

4. Be respectful, honest and supportive

This may sound like an obvious one, but bad management is one of the top way’s employers lose their employees after short periods of time. Being respectful, honest and supportive and easy to talk to are the foundations to a successful workplace.

5. Listen to what they want

Take time out of your busy work schedule to sit with your employees and ask what they would benefit from the most. Make sure that you are approachable and that your employees can voice any concerns they have, or any ideas for change. Using internal communication tools or platforms, such as company newsletters, meetings, or announcements to ensure your staff are in the know. Adopt an open-door policy to invite feedback, questions and encourage a collaborative culture in which employees feel they are heard, and opinions are respected.

company meeting

6. Give people freedom and autonomy

Focus on long-term goals for each individual and allow them the freedom to map out their own paths. Your employees will want to take responsibility for their own happiness and success and will rely on you to help guide them through this process. As a manager you should understand who your employees are – you did hire them after all! So, appreciate them, trust them, and communicate with them regularly.

7. Provide frequent feedback

Employees are always appreciative of receiving feedback from you. Especially when it comes to knowing how they could go about making improvements to their work and setting high standards. It is always a great thing feeling fulfilled by the work that you do.

manager sharing employee feedback

8. Recognise hard work

Arrange events which can recognise and reward hard work including a happy hour after work so your employees can take a step back, relax and have some social time. Put on a team building event, anything from bowling to indoor skydiving to help your employees find their competitive side. If your employees have gone above and beyond, it is important to do more than just send them an email congratulating them. A gift card always works wonders, especially if it is tailored specifically to the individual, depending on their own interests, e.g. sport-related.

9. Offer food in the workplace

Healthy snacks are the key to employee retention, after all nobody works well when they are hungry. Food based perks will make your employees feel more valued and appreciated, while looking out for their needs. Promoting good health practices can encourage better health and wellbeing and more motivated employees.

blueberries blackberries and raspberries

10. Embed a strong, sociable culture

Consider the workplace environment and whether colleagues can talk and share ideas. If not, then a change or move around of office furniture may be necessary. Create more social spaces, where employees can indulge in coffee. Be bold and organise social activities that align with employee birthday celebrations and attend events together to demonstrate greater engagement and contentment at work.

The key to supporting and motivating your employees is to offer a work culture that consists of an environment in which employees are trusted and treated like adults, with the freedom and autonomy to create their own destiny, achieve work goals, and be the best they can be, under your supervision.

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