Our Favourite Coffee-Flavoured Treats

As much as we love drinking a fresh brew straight from one of our commercial coffee machines, here at LiquidLine we also enjoy exploring different ways of enjoying delicious coffee.

We should preface this by clarifying that we love almost anything coffee-related, and are always up for trying new recipes. Here are simply a few of our favourite classics which we know we can always turn to for coffee enjoyment in food-form.

Coffee & Walnut Cake

Of course, homemade cakes are usually the best, but many supermarkets also offer pretty good versions of the classic coffee & walnut cake. We can’t quite put it into words, but there is just something supernatural about the flavour of strong coffee combined with walnuts which makes this a common favourite. If you’re a coffee-addict, we recommend going ahead and drinking a cup of coffee alongside this little indulgence, otherwise coffee and walnut cake pairs nicely with a whole host of different drinks.

walnut cake and coffee

Ice cream

With the glorious sunshine and hot weather set to hold out for even longer, we can’t be the only ones desperate for a gelato this weekend. Coffee flavoured ice cream is just the perfect solution in this heat, cooling us down whilst also giving us our coffee fix, as well as throwing the holiday feeling into the mix. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even try and make your own at home!

chocolate and vanilla ice cream


This is a dinner party go-to for the dessert menu. There are many different variations and opinions on how to make the perfect tiramisu, but as long as there’s coffee involved, we’re on-board with it. Whether you’re eating Italian food or want to mix things up and serve tiramisu following a different cuisine, we’re confident that it won’t fail to impress both your taste buds and your guests. For a picture perfect dessert, go the extra mile and serve them in individual portions.

tiramisu pudding

Mocha Brownies

We only wish we had a commercial coffee machine at home so we could make these more easily every day. Still, they’re pretty simple to whip up using homemade espresso or even instant coffee. Adding a coffee twist to this chocolate indulgence was always going to be a good idea, so whilst we also enjoy many other variations of brownies, mocha has to be our ultimate favourite.

brownie with chocolate sauce

We’re all about finding new ways to enjoy coffee in all situations, so whether you’re catching up with a friend, having an important meeting at work or trying to win over a new customer or client, we recommend exploring different ways of serving coffee and coffee treats to see what suits best.

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