A Secret Beauty Elixir – Water!

Water. We’re told time and time again we should drink more of it, and it’s true. We need it. It does wonders for the body, helping maintain the balance of body fluids, keeping the kidneys and bowels functioning properly, feeding the brain and energising muscles.

Added: 10th November 2014

What water can do for your skin

However, water helps in other ways too. It is as excellent as a beauty aid, with many experts claiming that drinking enough water is more effective than any top-of-the-range moisturising creams or serums. Think of your skin as a sponge. When sponges are dry they look shrivelled and dull. As soon as you saturate them with water they expand and suddenly look plump and filled out. Making sure you are properly hydrated will have the same effect on your skin.
Drinking plenty of water (eight glasses a day being the ideal unless you exercise, in which case you will need more) will plump out the skin and fill out the look of fine lines. It also adds a glow to dull skin.
makeup brushes and eye shadow

Flush out those toxins

Water also flushes your body of toxins, filling your cells with water, which in turn leads to the appearance of firmer skin. This can help reduce the look of cellulite, something which body creams and lotions are unable to do. The work needs to happen under the skin; it can’t and won’t happen superficially, no matter how much skincare companies claim it can!
There is also evidence that drinking hot water with lemon every morning can lead to fewer bad skin breakouts, as it reduces bacteria internally.
lemon water in glass

Being hydrated will keep your hair healthy

Drinking plenty of water will also keep your hair and scalp hydrated, leaving you with glossier, healthier-looking locks. When hair is dry it can break easily and look dull and lacklustre.
There is also evidence that drinking enough water leads to faster hair growth. Your hair needs a certain amount of water to maintain cell health and reproduction. If it doesn’t get this, then hair growth is negatively impacted.
healthy hair

More water for brighter eyes

Many of us suffer from dry eyes, especially in the colder months. Those who work in front of computers or in air-conditioned offices often suffer the most. Drinking water is important for eye function as it helps with the production of tears. Tears, in turn, help keep the mucous membrane covering the eyes moist, which helps with dry eyes.
Keeping properly hydrated will also make your eyes look brighter and clearer.
healthy green eye
So make the most of your office water dispenser, or even bottled water and get drinking! It’s a much cheaper way of keeping your skin, hair and eyes looking healthy and gorgeous than spending money on expensive lotions and potions, and you’ll be keeping the rest of your body and mind hydrated and healthy at the same time!

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