A Water Boiler Could Replace Your Kettle

Water boilers have a number of benefits for your staff kitchen, showroom or coffee bar. Many organisations have already replaced or are considering replacing their old kettles with a new water boiler – they are quicker, more eco-friendly and also cheaper in the long run. Here, we review how water boilers work and what they offer in value to an organisation.

Efficiency and capacity

Hot water boilers give you and your staff instant access to clean, filtered boiling water – without delay. We have a range of different models on offer to suit all requirements, ranging in capacity from 5 litres to 20 litres and all with instant water draw-off taps. One of our models, the EcoBoiler T20 for instance, has a 20-litre reservoir and can instantly dispense the equivalent of sixty mugs of boiling hot water. It also has a special ‘Eco’ mode setting, which gives maximum efficiency to reduce electricity consumption.

Free standing or wall mounted – to suit your space

In addition to freestanding models, we also offer wall mounted Eco-Boilers. Wall mounting is ideal to maximise worktop space and to generally free up work surfaces, for example if the kitchen worktop or room area concerned is relatively small.

Save time and money

Water boilers offer economy and help businesses save money. All the boiler models in our range have accurate water temperature control systems. Avoid waiting for the kettle to boil, and allow your organisation to gain from the advantages of improved productivity.

With hot drinks available for visitors and staff whenever they are wanted, without the need to wait around for a few minutes three or four times every working day, there will be a cumulative time saving – consider the total multiplied by the number of staff!

Much safer

Hot water boilers are usually safer than traditional kettles due to their ergonomic design. Hot water is dispensed by a dedicated tap with a lever and grip (or by a push button) to start the flow. This avoids the need for handling an electrical device around water, and you are using a boiler that is designed to serve numerous cups all day long – not just a regular kettle being used to its maximum. All in all, it can be seen that hot water boilers are considerably safer than kettles – a significant Health and Safety benefit.

Good taste

Water boilers can include filtration systems to remove lime scale, chlorine and other impurities. Your drinks will taste better – and there will be no more furry kettles! Keep your staff happy and well supplied with hot drinks, especially at lunch times or for that extra quick coffee between meetings.

Free trial

We offer demonstrations and free trials, and will be pleased to help with all your water boiler enquiries and requirements. Please feel free to call us on 0800 849 9110 or contact us here if you prefer. We look forward to being of help.

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