Autumnal Biscoff Latte Recipe

With the evenings getting darker and the temperature dropping Autumn is definitely setting in. To help get you through the colder months we’ve put together an autumnal coffee recipe (that’s not pumpkin spice!) that will warm your cockles.

Biscoff Latte


  • Shot of espresso (single or double to suit)
  • 2 pumps of DaVinci Cinnamon Syrup
  • Flat milk
  • Lotus Biscoff biscuit to garnish


  1. Prepare the espresso and add to a tall latte glass
  2. Add two pumps of DaVinci Cinnamon Syrup
  3. Top with flat milk and garnish with a crumbled Biscoff Biscuit

Fancy an extra kick? Pop in a shot of Irish cream liqueur before adding the milk!