Car Dealership Coffee Experiences in 2019

In 2019, coffee is the new pit-stop for all car enthusiasts. The motor industry is booming. Over 1000 car dealerships across the UK are offering their customers quality coffee experiences, why not join in the coffee revolution?

Coffee in the automotive industry is becoming increasingly popular and many car dealerships are snapping up the chance to promote leading coffee brands, in their showrooms. Even more importantly, March is the month for the release of new car registration plates. All eyes will be on the car dealerships that can offer the wow factor and showcase their services in style.

For any car enthusiast, quality is key. They want the test drive of their life. An experience that will leave them speechless. That’s where we come in. At Liquidline, we can help you to offer exceptional customer experiences, with our extensive range of Cafétouch and Schaerer coffee machines.

man driving with coffee in hand

We pride ourselves providing the ultimate customer care package as well as a free coffee machine demonstration that will blow you away. We cater for you. We adapt to your needs. From supply to maintenance to upgrade we provide unbeatable packages.

Our luxurious machines are pretty good too, and  are designed to fit perfectly in any showroom, and do not compromise on quality. Our Schaerer machines, for example, are manufactured in Switzerland and have intelligent user interface technology, readily functional for your staff to use, and quick service response for your customers. Even our Cafétouch range are built to impress, with a seamless user experience. Truth is, you can always go the extra mile with coffee.

audi coffee cups

Delight your clients with a choice of high-quality biscuits cakes & drinks, plus beverages including lattes, cappuccinos and mochas. You can do this with our range of bespoke crockery, so you can create a Barista-style latte. We also offer free machine maintenance when Consumables are purchased from us.

We have an impressive range of consumables and custom branded crockery.  Our bespoke crockery are tailored to your needs, so you can create the ultimate brand image, latte art, or Barista-style finishes with our range of syrups, and toppings to add extra class.

To test drive our coffee today and improve your customer experience please contact Emma Hewett or Nathan Smith.

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