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Creative Coffee Breaks: How they Add Value to your Business

Creative Coffee Breaks: How they Add Value to your Business

There are many benefits of taking regular coffee breaks at work. The first, is that it is guaranteed to improve workplace productivity levels.

The key to driving the ultimate workforce is to drink happy.

Taking regular screen breaks are recommended for your health, so why not grab a coffee in the process?

Improve Productivity Levels

Some studies suggest that drinking coffee can reduce emotional and physical stress levels.

Coffee stimulates the central nervous system and increases the production of dopamine, serotonin, and noradrenaline which are important neurotransmitters that help elevate your mood.

Learn Faster and More Effectively

It can also help improve memory and the speed at which you retain information. It will help you stay focused throughout the day.

Having regular coffee breaks can help any common mistakes that are often associated with tiredness and fatigue. It does this by boosting your immune system which leaves you feeling more alert and aware of your surroundings.

Great Networking Opportunity

Drinking coffee is always an excuse to meet new people and socialise to your heart’s content. The right dose of caffeine, induced with some friendly chat and insightful conversation, can be an added bonus to any working day. A chance to foster positive working relationships with your fellow colleagues and employees.

Adrenaline Boost

It isn’t just about drinking the coffee, but what you do afterwards or in-between that counts, from hitting up the gym, to having yoga meditation sessions, or exposing yourself to natural daylight outside of the office. Taking an extra half hour out of your day to go for a walk and take in some fresh air can make the world of difference.


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