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Does Coffee Help You Stay Slim?

Does Coffee Help You Stay Slim?

According to Professor Tim Spector of King’s College London, coffee and Belgian beer have shown indications that they might be an unlikely solution to staying slim….

Added: 20th May 2015

The professor explained in his latest book, the Diet Myth, that coffee helps boost bacteria in the gut and can be beneficial to a person’s weight. Conversely, junk food has the opposite effect and can kill these useful bacteria.
Spector goes on to claim in his new book that the disruption to microbes that live inside us when we consume junk food such as processed meats and dairies is a possible reason for the obesity epidemic we live with today. The benefits of coffee, according to this study, will help reverse these destructive effects and promote a healthier gut flora.
Spector is a genetic epidemiology specialist who studied the effects of other drinks besides coffee and found that fizzy drinks containing sweeteners had a negative effect on the body – specifically the body’s metabolism – which was found to lead to weight gain. On the other hand, metabolism and microbes could be helped by fasting, according to Spector’s discoveries, which is a ritual that can boost the levels of microbes in the gut.
The main aim of Prof. Spector’s study was to further understand the obesity epidemic through examining the relationships between our health, the food we eat and microbes. While coffee has been found to be beneficial in terms of losing weight, Spector found that genetics played a part alongside what we consumed.
In a third of those studied, microbes preventing obesity were found to be present, and preferences for food such as garlic and salads were found to be genetically driven. The upshot of this is that while coffee may be beneficial, what you are made of also plays a role in preventing obesity.
takeaway burger
salad with peppers olives and feta
Having said that, the publishers of Prof Spector’s book, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, stated that how we treat our bodies is having a major impact on the diversity and interactions of our microbes. The publishers say that we need to go back to how our ancestors ate, and drinking coffee or eating celery would be a good start, it seems
In the end, an optimum gut flora will prevent various diseases such as cancer – something that has been concluded from previous research studies as well. Coffee, it appears, will help towards this goal.
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