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Enjoy a Nice Cup of Tea or Coffee

Enjoy a Nice Cup of Tea or Coffee

If you’re not a coffee lover then no doubt you’re a tea lover! Either way both are delightful and both socially important. On the plus side they have many potential health benefits too.

Health Benefits

You hear so much about the health benefits of Green Tea, but you never her the health benefits of everyday black tea. Studies by experts at Harvard University show all types of tea contain chemicals that reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. coffee contains similar substances. However there is a larger amount of one chemical associated with reducing the risk of diabetes.

Studies carried out on over a million people showed that those who drank between three to five cups of tea or coffee per day had the lowest risk of heart attacks and strokes. Of course scientific evidence is not conclusive but at lease tea and coffee are not bad for you.

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Discovery of Tea

It has been said that an ancient Chinese Emperor Sheng Nung was boiling water outside when leaves landed in his pot. He noticed that it made a rather tasty drink. This story may not be accurate, however archaeological evidence shows that people in China have been drinking tea for over 1500 years. However tea only came over to Europe less than 500 years ago.

Tea was an expensive luxury in the 17th century, only those who could afford it would buy it. None the less throughout the years the price gradually dropped and tea became accessible to all. In Victorian times they were encouraged to drink tea instead of alcohol – this is where the term ‘teetotal’ came from.

green tea with leaves

Discovery of Coffee

It has been said than an Ethiopian farm had a goat which indulged on red berries, going from shrub to shrub. A monk nearby witness this collected some berries and took them back to his monastery. Here he brewed the berries up with his brothers and the first ever incarnation of coffee was born. Arabia later invented the roasting and grounding of coffee. Over centuries the popularity of coffee increased, becoming mass produced from the first time in Brazil in the 1800’s. Coffee is now the second most traded commodity in the world.
red coffee cherries in basket

Social Tea & Coffee

As well as its health benefits, taste and origin, both coffee and tea are socially important. ‘Afternoon tea’, ‘tea breaks’, and ‘coffee dates’ remain extremely popular and have even been proven to enhance activity and productivity. People find caffeinated drinks to be a comforting way of escaping everyday life – even if it is just for a moment. More formally, imagine being at a business meeting and not being offered a cup of tea or coffee. Nowadays this is considered the height of rudeness.
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