Five things to consider for your coffee start-up business

Looking for some inspiration? You have come to the right place! Here are some things to consider when looking to set-up your new business enterprise.

Starting a coffee shop advice

1. Finding the Perfect Location

Be at the centre of it all. The heart of the community. That’s how a coffee business thrives. Don’t hide yourself away. Look for the perfect place to set-up, in a market square, or down the main high street. Don’t shy away from being the centre of attention.

Find the right place for you to pitch up your new business. Do your research and find out where the people are at. Where’s the busiest place to be? Pick a place where people will stop at the smell of coffee seeping out your shop doorway.

2. Choosing the Right Machine

Quality customer service comes from choosing the right machine for your business. Depending on location, you may prefer a smaller machine, to begin with, and expand as the business grows. There are many popular coffee and juice brands, including Cafe Subito, Lavazza and Juicetouch. Ask for a demo. Make sure you feel comfortable working the machine first before purchasing it.

3. Sourcing the Right Supplier

The key to finding the right supplier is to firstly define your own brand. Find a supplier that supports your business requirements and is the right fit for you. Search locally for individuals, or businesses that are trustworthy, reliable and have outstanding reviews from clients and customers.

4. Attracting Customers

Your customers will be your central focus and it is therefore important that you find new and innovative ways to attract them, from offering taster sessions, to loyalty cards, and a relaxing space to enjoy their favourite coffee. Be create with the space or premises you acquire – add some coffee shop plants, or fairy lights to make people feel at home, or inspired to write that their first novel.

5. Building the Dream Team

The most effective way to build the ultimate dream team is to find people that inspire and motivate you in the workplace. Find people that understand you and your future business prospects. Who want to show you how to to build a new brand – to invest in you.

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