Focus on Fairtrade

It’s Fairtrade Fortnight! From 26 February to 11 March join us in supporting the farmers and workers who grow our food. With Fairtrade we have the power to change the world every day. Fairtrade opens doors. Come on in.

Focus on Fairtrade

Fairtrade is a scheme that was developed to battle the inequality between producer and consumer markets. Tragically, often when consumers in the developed world are purchasing products at an impressively low price, the effect of that is that those producing the goods are living on remarkably low and inconsistent wages, which make it impossible for them to develop a reasonable standard of living. The Fairtrade foundation involves more than 1.65 million farmers and workers across 1,226 organisations in 74 different countries, and ensures that those involved in the scheme are paid a ‘Fairtrade premium’ to allow them to develop a more sustainable lifestyle. This is a fixed minimum payment they receive, regardless of external market conditions. The Fairtrade premium is of great help to the people that receive it and in 2013-14, an impressive £106.2 million was paid in this premium.

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Where is the Fairtrade Premium Spent?

The Fairtrade premium is used in various ways to improve the quality of life to those who receive it and the families and communities around them, as well as to invest in their future. On plantations, workers spend 26% of their premium on education. The money can also be used to plant crops and buy livestock, to ensure greater food production so that there is enough to feed their communities. The Fairtrade premium is also used to improve product offering; in terms of coffee producers, they spend at least 25% of their premium striving to grow better quality beans, as well as on improving productivity so that more can be produced and sold.

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How does it Help?

The increased food production brought about by the Fairtrade premium is invaluable to the communities it affects, since some coffee-growing communities suffer a shortage of food for 3-4 months of each year, and having a sustainable source of food is closely linked to economic growth, as well as to stable incomes and a lower rate of risk and vulnerability. The premium helps farmers to deal with the challenges they face, such as climate change and low or unpredictable income. This also has a positive effect on workers, who are likely to benefit from job security, brought about by correct employment processes, formal contracts and entitlements to annual leave. The Fairtrade minimum price guarantees farmers a safety net, meaning that they and their workers are in a better position to plan their finances and invest in their future.

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Fairtrade at Liquidline

At Liquidline, we’re passionate about great coffee, and compassionate towards the people who grow our beans. That’s why we offer a selection of Fairtrade beans in our Café BONté range to be used with our commercial coffee machines. OurTriple Certified beans are grown in Honduras, and boast notes of sweet caramel, almonds and fleshy fruit. Originating in Sumatra, our Java Beans have a rich, deep body complimented by an earthy, spicy flavour. Our Italia Beans are grown in Brazil, Vietnam and Central America and have a rich, nutty and heavy body, with subtle notes of caramel. We love all the products we sell, and recommend you try them all to find your favourite! As well as the great flavours, you’ll feel content in the knowledge that these beans have been ethically sourced, and others have greater chances of a sustainable lifestyle as a result of your purchase.

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