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Four Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds

Four Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds

From slug repellent to exfoliating facial scrubs, there are many different ways to recycle your coffee grounds. Here at Liquidline, we believe that now is the perfect time to learn ways in which you can be more environmentally friendly and save money. Here are the four ways we recommend you recycle your waste:

Garden Fertiliser

If you are a gardener and enjoy your coffee then this is the perfect alternative for you.

When it comes to fertilising the coffee grounds, all you need to do is place them straight onto the soil, cover them with leaves or bark and watch them flourish into healthy plants. They should be ready in three to six months.

This process helps to increase the carbon-nitrogen levels in the compost. Brewed coffee grounds have up to 2% nitrogen which means that, when added to the soil, they will help wildlife thrive, lower pH and keep the pests away. They are a healthy alternative to using nitrogen-rich manure which have raised concerns about releasing harmful pathogens. It makes sense both environmentally and economically.

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What are the other benefits? Well recycling your coffee grounds also improves water drainage systems, water retention and aeration. Packed with nutrients and minerals, reusing your coffee grounds will provide you with the best results. 

How else can you get involved?

Visit your local coffee shop and ask if you can recycle their used coffee grounds.

Face Scrub

Another perk of reusing your coffee grounds is that they can become a daily part of your beauty routine. Get creative. Mix it up. Add some of your favourite ingredients to make the perfect exfoliating scrub or face mask. Refresh. They can also be used as an alternative hair treatment. Just add to your shampoo for an extra boost to your hair growth.

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Insect Repellent

Want to get rid of those pests in the garden? Fed up of having your plant growth ruined by slugs and snails? Burning your used coffee grounds is guaranteed to keep the pests away. How do you do this? Start by gathering together your dry, used coffee grounds. Then, place them into a bowl,  or a flat surface outside, with some fresh bay leaves for the ideal repellent source.

They are especially good at repelling mosquitoes on those hot, summer days. Aside from being pests, mosquitos are also known to carry a viruses like Zika, which can be harmful to our health. Reusing your coffee grounds can help prevent mosquitoes from being a pest in your home. They are also a cheaper alternative to buying sprays, or repellents.

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Bio-bean Logs

This is the most eco-friendly way of reusing your coffee grounds. They reduce carbon emissions, and divert waste away from landfill and provide you with the best source of comfort in your home or business.

So what are they?

Bio-bean logs are eco-heat logs that for wood burners, stoves and open fires and act as a sustainable alternative to conventional fossil fuels. They are made with from grounds of 25 cups of coffee and can burn up to 20% more than kiln-dried wood. In the current day and age, the issue of climate change is the main reason why most people choose to go green. So give it a go. Help save the planet.

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