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Coffee is a great pick-me-up beverage that helps to boost productivity, reduce stress, and revive flagging spirits. Not too long ago, making coffee meant placing a kettle on the fire and sprinkling a generous helping of Red Mountain. Coffee machines have, however, been rapidly replacing the traditional kettle, with about a fifth of homes in the U.K now owning one. But coffee machines are not just great in homes, cafes and the catering industry, but in the workplace as well. A commercial coffee machine in the workplace provides a great working environment for the staff members and is a good everyday reward and ‘perk’.

Buying a coffee machine can be quite a daunting task with all the options available, especially when it’s your first time and you want to make the right choice for many people. You have to first make a decision on which type of commercial coffee machine that will do the trick for you: filter coffee machine, pod or capsule machine, percolators, professional espresso machines, or bean-to-cup coffee machines. There are many brands of machines in the market; some have a reputation for consistent quality while others have their hits and misses. Franke coffee machines have emerged as some of the finest fully automatic coffee brewing machines in the market—and with good reason. Franke range of coffee machines consists of their top-of-the shelf FoamMaster, fully automatic coffee brewing machines, the traditional coffee machines for an unforgettable espresso or cappuccino, and coffee brewers for fast hassle-free coffee brewing.

Franke Bean-To-Cup Coffee Machines

Coffee connoisseurs always swear by bean-to-cup coffee machines. These are coffee machines that grind coffee beans on the spot and automatically froth milk, thus offering a more consistent coffee. Franke sells state-of-the-art bean-to-cup coffee machines such as Franke FoamMaster, Franke Evolution Plus, Franke Flair, and the Franke Spectra S. These machines not only save you time, but money too with prices going as low as nine pence for Espressos or Americanos.

Franke FoamMaster 

The FoamMaster is a premium all-rounder that is highly versatile and ideal for brewing a wide range of classic coffees, Latte specialties, and cold milk foam beverages. The FoamMaster has an intuitive screen from which you can select your preferred beverage programme and adjust it to suit your particular needs. The FoamMaster has a shiny black elegant design that’s great to look at.

Operating is quite easy even for people with no previous experience. The coffee maker has an intuitive touchscreen that makes it easy to configure the operations of the device. You can quickly assemble your favourite seasonal beverage selection that allows you to choose from four different operating modes. The FoamMaster produces foamed milk of ‘‘barista’’ quality coffee at the touch of a button. The coffee maker utilises “Franke’s Clean+Clever System” that ensures impeccable and efficient cleaning.

Franke Evolution Plus 

The Franke Evolution Plus offers a wide variety of coffee specialties – the machine can be programmed to brew 32 different beverages in an instant. Cleaning the machine is pretty easy since it utilises automatic rinsing, cleansing, and sanitising.

Franke Flair

Just like its name suggests, the Franke Flair really turns on the flair. The Franke Flair sports an ergonomic operating panel with 8 section buttons and a clear LCD display. The machines come with integrated automatic rinsing, cleansing, and descaling programmes that simplify their maintenance. The Flair is a hot favourite in coffee shops, bakeries, takeaways, and offices. They are ideal for serving large volumes of coffee, with capacities of up to 100 cups.

Franke Spectra S

The Franke Spectra S is a delightfully compact coffee machine that’s only 30 cm wide (about one foot). But don’t let its small size fool you; the Spectra S integrates cutting edge Twist and Taste technology that allows for an almost limitless diversity of beverage variations. The Spectra incorporates the chocolate powder and/or syrups together with the Milk & Foam System to create an amazingly wide range of beverages to suit every palate.

So with a Franke commercial coffee machine, you certainly get options! If you wish to discuss which machine could be best for your organisation, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can do so via email – [email protected] or by calling us on 0800 8499110

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