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Great news for all Flavia machine users that have been enjoying the fantastic range and taste of Alterra Coffee…

Added: 07th May 2014

There is some great news for all Flavia coffee machine users that have been enjoying the fantastic range and taste of Alterra Coffee.

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As well as offering a wide range of flavours (from Colombia to Espresso Roast), Alterra are proud to announce that ALL their coffee is 100% independently Certified. This means that all the coffee beans within each Freshapack come from either UTZ Certified or Rainforest Alliance Certified farms. So by drinking our coffee, you know that you are making a contribution to the sustainability of these coffee beans.

Any change?

Not in the taste of our drinks, that’s for sure! The great taste and characteristics that you are used to will of course stay the same – but you will soon notice a slight change to our packaging:

So keep an eye out in May for the new packaging! Rest assured that by choosing Alterra Coffee for your Flavia machine, that you are not only enjoying fine tasting and sustainably produced coffee, you are helping these coffee beans be farmed in a sustainable manner that will be around for future generations.

That has to be worth a cuppa to celebrate! View our full range of Alterra Coffee for Flavia Machines.

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