Hooray For Instant Coffee

When you tell people that you work in the coffee industry, the presumption is often that you’re a coffee snob.

Added: 17th May 2018

When you tell people that you work in the coffee industry, the presumption is often that you’re a coffee snob. People can become nervous about making coffee for you in their home, assuming that the jar of instant coffee they have in the kitchen won’t be good enough for you. But on the contrary here at Liquidline. We remain true instant coffee lovers and we know that we’re not the only ones!

If you were to look in the kitchen cupboard of most UK homes ten years or so ago, you’d find a jar of instant coffee in most of them. As a nation we have evolved from being instant coffee drinkers. Instant coffee historically has tended to be mild, with balanced flavours and most of us would have prepared it in a similar way to tea – with milk and sugar.  When you consider this, it’s little wonder that the two most popular drinks on any UK coffee shop menu are the latte and the cappuccino; like their instant coffee predecessors, they are mild, sweet and milky.

But now that we’ve been exposed to coffee shop culture, instant coffee sales have taken a hit.   We have all become exposed to high quality, fresh ground coffee in the high street and sought to emulate this at home with pod and capsule machines. In some cases, the humble jar of instant coffee has been pushed aside altogether. But pod and capsule machines have their drawbacks. For one, pods and capsules are expensive, many retailing at £4.50 for just 16 pods. Not only that, they restrict your coffee choice and create a lot of environmental waste- many pods are not recyclable.

Enter the micro ground instant. Instant coffee has evolved and is fighting back! Consumers now have access to premium class instant coffees, containing finely ground whole bean coffee. Micro ground instant coffees have really taken the taste and quality of instant coffee up a gear. Consumers in the home market have a range of blends to choose from, starting with mild profiles and including darker and espresso blends. They have proven so popular that most of the major coffee companies have developed brands – Kenco Milicano, Nescafe Azaera, Starbucks Via and many of the supermarkets have their own brands too.

filter coffee being poured in a mug
coffee beans in a grinder

At Liquidline we have created a Micro ground instant coffee, developed with businesses and foodservice in mind. Called Café Subito, it provides customers a fresh coffee experience, complete with real crema, in an instant. For all our love of café culture, the fact remains that you cannot get faster than instant! No waiting for beans to grind, coffee to brew or for espresso to extract; when you opt for instant coffee, speed it on your side.  If you are in an environment where you need to produce coffee quickly and cost effectively, don’t forget about instant coffee. After all, with Café Subito’s rich flavour and real crema, we find that many of your customers won’t even know it’s instant!

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This month we are offering customers 25% off RRP the first time they try Café Subito coffee.

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