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How to Start your Working Day with Great Tasting Coffee

How to Start your Working Day with Great Tasting Coffee

Is your office equipped with the right equipment to make great tasting coffee all-year round? Or are you still using a kettle to boil several dozen coffees at once

Drinking coffee is an enjoyable experience for all especially if the coffee tastes great and has come from a bean to cup machine, rather than an out of date pot of coffee in the staff room. To help improve the quality of the coffee experience you offer in the workplace you can consider investing in a bean to cup coffee machine.

We all know that getting coffee from coffee shops daily can become a huge expense, not to mention the extra time it takes out of your working day to commute. Here are some easy tips on how to improve your brewing coffee experiences in the office.

The Facts About Good Coffee

Coffee is naturally sweet. Good quality coffee is naturally sweet and not bitter. The bitterness comes from incorrectly storing the coffee, and allowing light to compromise the taste. To preserve your beans’ fresh roasted flavour for as long as possible, store them in an opaque, airtight container at room temperature.

Good coffee doesn’t need any added additives. People feel the need for sweeteners or sugar for their coffee, because they are drinking bad coffee.

1. Use Only Freshly Ground Coffee

A simple and easy way to improve the taste of your coffee is by using freshly ground coffee, that has been ethically sourced and has been stored in the correct way. If your coffee has been kept in a jar for a few months without being replaced, then it is probably no longer going to provide you with an exceptional tasting coffee.

If however, you invest in local premium coffee beans, you will more than likely have a better experience, so long as you replace them often. The coffee beans will have on the packaging that they are organic, Fairtrade and shade grown which means they will transform your bland, flavourless cup into something you enjoy drinking. You will never have to drink, stale, bitter coffee again!

coffee beans spilling from cup

2. Grind the Beans Immediately

The main reason store bought coffee is because it has been ground for days, weeks or even months ahead of time which increases the contact between air and coffee. Coffee after it is processed exists in four stages, which are green bean, roasted beans, ground coffee and brewed coffee.

The roasting process increases the volume of aromatic compounds which determines the behaviour of the coffee and enhances the flavour profile. Ground coffee has a much larger surface area than whole beans and can escape more quickly. It only takes forty-five seconds for the coffee to lose its aromatic flavour compounds which makes coffee extra special. Therefore, for a great tasting coffee you will need to grind the beans immediately with a premium quality grinder.

coffee beans in grinder

3. Upgrade your Ancient Coffee Machine

Want hassle-free coffee? Consider upgrading your coffee machine to something that can handle the pressure, and has the stamina to provide great tasting coffee all day long. A bean to cup machine may be top of your list, with premium brands like Schaerer. You will never be short of options when it comes to finding the right bean to cup machine for your premises.

If you are using instant coffee and want to bump it up a level then investing in either a capsule or bean-to-cup machine will offer you a wider selection of coffee choices, including latte and cappuccino. If this isn’t something that interests you, then perhaps you will want to consider a filter coffee machine which allows you to brew and maintain the temperature of your filter coffee without the risk of it scalding. If you want to grind your coffee beans on the spot, for instant great tasting coffee then a bean-to-cup is the perfect solution because they come with a built in milk frother and provide you with the freshest possible cup of coffee every single time.

coffee machine dispensing espresso

4. Clean the Office Coffee Machine Often

If you already own a coffee machine then you will know of the importance of cleaning and caring for your it. To keep your machine clean and tidy you will need to back-wash your machine regularly and replace the milk.

For machines with a one touch cleaning cycle, it can last up to fifteen minutes. You may also at times need to clean the filter or empty out the resulting built up from the automated cleaning programmes. The manufactures will provide you with the guidelines you need to help with this.

5. Upgrade your Daily Coffee Today

The best way to upgrade your speciality coffee is to invest in a new bean to cup coffee machine for the office environment that will provide results. Here are a list of coffee machines that we recommend for you.

  1. Schaerer Coffee Soul
  2. Franke A600
  3. Cafetouch 3600
  4. Hub 102
  5. Jura WE6

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