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Lavazza Coffee – It’s Here…

Lavazza Coffee – It’s Here…

Lavazza, the coffee name established in Italy in 1895, that is known throughout the world, has arrived at Liquidline. Discover Lavazza with Liquidline today and get in touch to sample the Lavazza blends.

Added: 10th April 2015

Established in Italy in the late 1800s, Lavazza is a world leader in coffee production and the development and manufacture of exquisite tasting coffee beans. The company began blending coffee types at the turn of the 20th century, long before coffee shop chains were even thought of. Blending different types of coffee beans was an invention of Luigi Lavazza, whose secret recipes transformed the world of coffee drinkers forever…
Italian coffee company Lavazza personifies more than just the love of coffee – the company stands for a typically Mediterranean lifestyle and Italian values. Design excellence and high quality standards with regard to taste are uppermost in the Italian mind, when producing anything. Only the highest quality coffee beans are selected for Lavazza blends.
Some of Lavazza’s blends are 100% Arabica, the Coffea Arabica bean; others are made from 100% Robusta, the Coffea Canephora bean. Some of Lavazza’s coffee blends combine the two types of coffee bean. Depending on the blend, coffee can be sweet and fragrant or acidic, intense and full-bodied.
While many of Lavazza’s coffee products are aimed at individual consumers, the company also produces whole bean blends in distinctive blue wrappings that are dedicated to espresso professionals such as baristas in coffee shops and cafes. With such blends comes the desire to not just produce the finest standard of coffee blends, but also to provide offices and professionals with the best possible standard of coffee for their individual machines.
Today Lavazza coffee is sold in 88 countries around the world – now also stocks various Lavazza products, from Lavazza Coffee Beans to Lavazza branded crockery.

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