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Make Bulletproof Coffee Your New Year’s Resolution!

Make Bulletproof Coffee Your New Year’s Resolution!

With January traditionally being the time of grey mornings and salad in your packed lunch, you might be surprised to learn that coffee is actually a real contender when it comes to healthy eating and positive lifestyle change.

Added: 12th January 2015

Forget the dodgy-looking granules lurking in your office kitchen, and give the paleo-friendly beverage “Bulletproof Coffee” a go!
Health foods, at this time of year, of course gain in popularity and few who lived through 2014 will have missed the trend for unusual diets; such as the paleo or caveman diet, which advises adherents to cut out all processed foods and sugars. Similar to the Atkins diet of yore, paleo-enthusiasts eat a high-fat, low carb diet which they say gives numerous health benefits, such as improved levels of energy and concentration.
Apparently inspired by a guru’s taste for yak-butter tea while travelling in Tibet, bulletproof coffee is a mixture of quality coffee beans, butter, and oil. While that may seem a little crazy to the uninitiated, if you think back just five years, you’ll remember how previously odd drinks such as soy lattes and almond milk flat whites have become, well, quite mainstream. Certainly paleo folks hope that bulletproof coffee will go the same way, as apparently the mixture of caffeine and fat creates a slow release of energy within the digestive system, making you lively, fresh and alert through the day, while keeping you feeling full.
Fans of the drink say it’s fully compatible with a healthy lifestyle, and prefer butter from grass-fed cows, as apparently it’s higher in nutrients. For the oil, coconut oil will do the trick, and the drink can be made at home in a blender, using the best quality beans available. If you do ask for it at your local Starbucks, be prepared for some funny looks as it’s probably not possible to buy it ready-brewed outside of the larger metropolitan centres (Bulletproof Coffee is available at Planet Organic and other selected retailers in London for around £4.50 a cup, a rather pricey paleo treat).
If your diet is a little too full of refined sugar and carbs however, why not give bulletproof coffee a try? Aficionados claim that with an improved diet the drink will improve your mental alertness, and can even promote weight loss. Getting tempted to give the new coffee trend a go in 2015? Remember you heard it here first!
Of course if the thought of mixing coffee and butter doesn’t appeal, then the trusty espresso can still offer you health benefits (read our Health Benefits of Coffee story), you can get many different blends and flavours from our Café Bonté Coffee Beans range.

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