Six Ways To Create A More Positive Work Environment and Boost Employee Morale

There are many signs that your employees are experiencing low morale, from lack of cooperation in general day to day tasks, to few personal conversations or feelings of discouragement. As a business leader, this can be tackled head on by following these few simple steps to help create a more positive work environment and boost employee morale.

1. Give Positive Reinforcement

Your opinion matters as a business leader so make it a goal to compliment your employees and recognise even the smallest of achievements by praising them for having an impact. The impact of positive reinforcement is immediate and your employees will feel respected and valued by you. They will meet tasks with a newfound energy and feel they have a sense of purpose at your company.

Here are some primary examples of phrases to use to positively reinforce your colleagues and employees at work. Try it and see the results.

  • I appreciate the way you…
  • “I am very impressed with…”
  • “I enjoy working with you because…”
  • “I admire how you…”

2. Show Gratitude

Always say “thank you” when someone has completed a job in record time, or has gone out of their way to get something done for you. Just say “thank you” more in general. Be generous with you expressions of gratitude and don’t hold back from showing others how grateful you are of their skills, expertise and acts of kindness.

Focus on the positives when interacting with your employees and point out their accomplishments and abilities in team meetings. Remind them that they have much to offer and that their work efforts are greatly appreciated in the company. This is a powerful motivation too to help create a “can-do” attitude in your workforce. When you make an effort to find things to be grateful for, you will set the example for others and hence, be creating a more positive work environment.


3. Spread Happiness

It doesn’t take much to smile and say “Hi” when passing your colleagues in the office or approaching a new customer. Be genuine with your actions and always consider how others perceive you. When you demonstrate happiness you are training your employees to follow in your footsteps.

Be a supportive manager by offering free lunches and bringing in sweet treats as an end of the week motivator. Intergate everyone by setting up a social event outside of working hours at the local bar, or restaurant to encourage more relaxed conversations. Adopt some new plants for the office and say goodbye to artificial lighting by opening up windows and letting in more natural light to boost employee morale.

4. Motivate Others

Be that person that emails out some inspiration quotes of the week, or goes out of their way to motivate others by encouraging positive thinking. Always be a good listener and be there for others when you notice they are struggling. Treat others with kindness and give people responsibility to complete new tasks or projects to make them feel welcome and included.

Keep everyone in the know about any new company developments or updates. Be open when it comes to making big decisions about the company and ask your employees for their input. Be open with communicating with others freely and encourage your employees or colleagues to talk about their passions and plans for the future. Offer new training and development opportunities to allow team members to sharpen their skills and progress both personally and professionally.

woman leading meeting

5. Celebrate Wins

Keep tabs on your employees and celebrate their personal milestones. In doing so it makes them feel part of the corporate family. Celebrate birthdays by gathering people in for cake, or send a gift when one of your employees gets married. Little things make a big difference. Most importantly, celebrate the successes. Bring up and point out employee successes in weekly team meetings, or over email, to show how proud you are of them and how valued they are in your business.

Use verbal or written praise, such as an group email expressing that employee or teams success or in passing, a verbal recognition and “well done” with a smile. You could even hold a celebration event with some live entertainment and food, or celebratory lunch.

6. Promote Social Interaction

Sometimes the prospect of facing tasks head on can be a daunting process. With busy work schedules, it can be difficult to take time out to relax. Promoting social interaction in your company can help boost employee morale and productivity levels again. Give your employees a chance to have a break away from their computer and make the work environment a place they want to be in and not something they want to escape from.

Encourage your employees to take breaks by providing them with an area in the office to chill out and drink coffee. Taking breaks is important for mood and concentration levels, helping your employees re-energise and connect with one another.

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