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The 2015 Car Dealer Conference & Auto Expo

The 2015 Car Dealer Conference & Auto Expo

This June we are presenting the Cafétouch commercial coffee machine at the Car Dealer Conference & Auto Expo. Come along and have a coffee on us!

Added: 16th April 2015

Those in the automotive industry are already “gearing up” for this year’s Car Dealer Conference & Auto Expo; the largest of its kind throughout the entire United Kingdom. Like events of the past, this convention will be attended by some of the largest automakers, industry professionals and trade experts in the industry. In addition to the massive amount of hands-on information and interactions to be enjoyed, a handful of keynote speakers will grace the stage and divulge their latest predictions for this evolving sector. Names include Tim Smith (GForces), Ken Ramirez (Renault Dacla) and Steve Fowler (Editor-in-Chief of Auto Express & Car Buyer). However, we at Liquidline are just as proud to be unveiling our latest Cafétouch Commercial Coffee machine to the masses.

Taking it Online

One of the most interesting features of this year’s event is that it will be visited by Scott Sinclair. Mr. Sinclair is the Automotive Industry Manager at Google. Additionally, Twitter representatives are scheduled to make a headline presentation; the only one of its kind scheduled to be given within the United Kingdom during 2015. This obviously shows the increasingly important role that social media and online networking is playing within the automotive industry. Why not have a cup of freshly brewed coffee while you listen to these keynote speeches?

Highlighting Trends

One of the critical purposes of the Car Dealer Conference & Auto Expo is to expose attendees to the latest trends throughout the automotive industry. This year, there will be an increased focus placed upon the growing role of women in the sector. Also, the top 150 dealers on Twitter will be unveiled during the event; speculation is already rife and all delegates will be certain to keep a close eye on these results.

Networking and Knowledge

Question-and-answers sessions will also be held with industry leaders, executives and the top franchised dealers. This is an excellent way to learn from the best while obviously, such an event is critical to build relationships with similar stakeholders within such a massive nationwide industry.

woman working next to mug of coffee
coffee on an office desk

Liquidline is proud to be part of this event and anyone who appreciates a good cup of coffee will be quite impressed with our revolutionary Cafétouch coffee machine. With convenient touchscreen technology and the ability to produce no less than 15 drink selections within a matter of seconds, we are certain that this technology will be a hit this year. Should you be attending, please feel free to pop on by to experience what our new Cafétouch machine has to offer; you will not be disappointed.

The Car Dealer Conference & Auto Expo is being held in Silverstone. It will take place on 9 June, 2015. Tickets can be purchased here. Be certain to book early, for places may very well fill up as the date draws closer. While the event itself is certainly worth a visit, we at Liquidline are happy to be able to display our latest and most innovative coffee maker to the public.


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