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The Best Coffee Shop in the UK is in…

The Best Coffee Shop in the UK is in…

…Burnley! When you think of the top coffee shops and cafés around the world, you’d think of New York’s cool coffee shops, the famous cafés of Paris, the ‘Dolce vita’ of Rome … but you wouldn’t think of Burnley!

Added: 13th October 2015

Yet the Bellissimo! café in Burnley has been declared the best Italian coffee shop in England, proving that this Lancashire market town can hold its own with its more famous counterparts.

The aptly named Bellissimo (which means ‘lovely’ in Italian) was deemed to be the best café in the country at the Italian Awards. Bellissimo reached the final thanks to votes from a happy public who have enjoyed their coffee and food over the last seven years since the café opened. Coffee shops and restaurants come and go, so the lasting success of this café shows that it’s winning hearts and minds (and stomachs) in Burnley. TripAdvisor reviews aren’t always kind, but the customers of Bellissimo left such complimentary reviews that the people behind the awards were impressed enough to include the café on their shortlist of candidates. And at the finals, the verdict was in: Bellissimo was there at the top.

It’s perhaps no surprise that this winning café has an Italian at the helm. It’s owned by Sicilian Giovanni and his wife Lynn, who are clearly dedicated to providing their customers with the best coffee, cakes and food. He’s very proud of his adopted home town, and delighted that it’s won such an accolade.
Italians know how to enjoy their food, and they like quality. Bellissimo’s food is all made by Giovanni himself – no bought-in or microwaved food – and as a celiac he’s well placed to cater for customers on a gluten-free diet, who no longer need to miss out while they gaze longingly at their friends tucking in to delicious cakes. This recognition of the demand for special diets no doubt helped Bellissimo win the support of the public; a good business responds to the needs of its customers, and with an increasing number of people on a gluten-free diet, an establishment that offers an ample range of dishes to suit is sure to win happy customers.

Having made an impression on the public enough to get them to the finals of the awards, Bellissimo then impressed Giovanni’s fellow Italian, celebrity chef Aldo Zilli, who was one of the judges at the Italian awards. Winning over a famous and acclaimed chef enhances Bellissimo’s achievement; of all the coffee shops throughout the UK, theirs was the best.

So if you’re in beautiful Lancashire, hop over to Burnley and treat yourself to an award-winning cup of coffee and one of Giovanni’s delicious cakes (gluten-free or not) or a tasty meal. You’ll declare it a winner yourself!
If you don’t live near Burnley however, don’t miss out – check out our range of commercial coffee machines and make sure you get a great cup each day!

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