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The End of the Frappuccino?

The End of the Frappuccino?

While it seems a little too soon to say that consumers are turning their backs on frappuccinos, 2015 has seen a marked increase in the demand for quality coffees…

Added: 02nd July 2015

Is the Frappuccino Over?

While it seems a little too soon to say that consumers are turning their backs on frappuccinos, frothy caramel macchiatos, and huge milky cappuccinos, 2015 has seen a marked increase in the demand for quality coffees, usually in much smaller cup sizes, which emphasize the taste, smell, and roast of the bean, rather than the added milk, cream, caramel sauce, toppings, and sugary artificial flavourings.
caramel popcorn frappuccino

The Flat White

The flat white isn’t anything new, as it’s been widely sold in many of the big chains for the past couple of years. What is shows us, though, is the new coffee trend in a microcosm: usually served in 150ml or 160ml cups, it’s a small-sized beverage that’s all about the coffee, rather than the additions. Usually made with espresso or ristretto shots, and finished with latte art, the skill required to prepare a flat white well means that it’s still something of a speciality drink, albeit one that’s now reaching a mainstream UK audience. Starting as a trend in in New Zealand and Australia, flat whites can now be purchased at coffee shops up and down the country, although they are still something of a rarity on the continent…
flat white with feather latte art

A Continental Trend

If you order a coffee at any neighbourhood cafe in Paris or Rome, you won’t be given a bewildering array of options to choose from- or even a variety of sizes. Instead, you’ll just be handed a great cup of coffee, usually in a (by UK standards, at least) modest-sized cup. In Italy particularly, the coffee is unpretentious and inexpensive- it’s possible to drink a fabulous tiny espresso or caffe doppio at the bar of any local cafe for about a euro. While it’s unlikely that here in the UK we’ll soon be paying as little as 70p for a tiny-but-mighty authentic Italian coffee, it’s not just the hipster-run independents in urban enclaves that care about coffee quality these days. In fact, with the chains rapidly catching on, it’s now possible to buy a small cortado from familiar highstreet favourites.
half full cup of coffee

A Sign of the Times

As we all worry more and more about portion sizes and obesity rates, it’s fitting that a key coffee trend for 2015 should focus on quality and taste over quantity. It goes without saying that a bucket of milky, creamy coffee has more calories than a petite ristretto, but with the chains catching on, the frappuccino might finally have had its day.
espresso and notebook
At Liquidline we also look to give you the choice and options that you can get on the high street. Our bean to cup coffee machines offer a huge range of drinks, including more speciality choices, like the Flat White or Machiatto, as well as the more standard Americano. You can also hire professional espresso machines if you really want to expand you options!

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