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Top 8 Biscuit Choices For Your Office Coffee

Top 8 Biscuit Choices For Your Office Coffee

Choosing the right biscuit to accompany your office coffee beverage is essential when it comes to enjoying the ultimate, coffee shop experience at work. We have compiled a list of five of our top biscuit choices and must-haves for the office.

1. The “classic” Rich Tea

The original biscuit “dipper” of choice. Dip n’ go with some rich tea biscuits, but be careful not to lose it in your tea or coffee as you will find yourself left with soggy biscuit remains! The rich tea is perfect for an afternoon pick me up and perfect addition with your cup of freshly made tea or coffee.

2. The “irresistible” Chocolate Digestive

The ultimate breaktime biscuit treat. The digestive is the perfect dipping option, soaking up some of your coffee on the chocolate filled side, for an interesting aftertaste.

3. The “hard to resist” Shortbread

Ah, the classic shortbread. Who can resist dipping in some sugar coated, butter-filled shortbread into their tea or coffee? I know we can’t.

4. The “unconventional” Chocolate Cookie

The chocolate cookie is not always considered a popular option for tea or coffee dipping, but it does actually make an excellent pairing. The crunchiness of a chocolate cookie, will mix well with the light, soothing flavours of coffee, leaving you with a creamy, chocolate aftertaste.

5. The “must-have” Malted Milk Biscuit

With a delightful coating of milk the malted milk biscuit makes the perfect combination with a latte or cappuccino.

6. The “yummy” Golden Crunch Cream

Filled with vanilla cream, the original Fox’s golden crunch creams are too good to pass up. Dunk the sides of this yummy biscuit into your coffee to soften the creamy centre, for the ultimate biscuit dunking experience.

7. The “eccentric” Custard Cream

The custard cream is not always considered the biscuit of choice, but it does have its many perks. You can soak up as much coffee as you like without it falling apart and will contain all those delicious, creamy flavours.

8. The “chocolate mad” Bourbon

This is a classic biscuit for all chocolate lovers, sandwiched with chocolate buttercream. Its chocolatey aromas mix well with espresso based coffee beverages soaking up all those chocolate flavoured coffee beans.

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Liquidline Caramelised Biscuits

Our speciality Liquidline branded caramelised biscuits are an office favourite, based on our very own popular recipe. A delicious, sweet accompaniment to a fresh cup of coffee. Tasty, irresistible and full of surprises.

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Lavazza Wrapped Shortbread Rounds

Inspired by the famous Italian espresso, these shortbread rounds are eager to please.

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Biscotti Almond

An irresistible blend blend of sweet almonds full of delicious flavours and textures to match the profile of your coffee. A traditional Italian inspired biscuit.

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Cafe Bronte Twin Mini Biscuits

A well selected assortment of flavours, from chocolate chip and ginger, to chocolate chip with orange and vanilla.

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Lotus Caramelised Biscuits

A delicious, crunchy biscuit with a delicious caramel aftertaste making a perfect match for an espresso based coffee.

Lotus caramelised biscuit

That takes the Biscuit!

Choosing the right biscuit to accompany your office coffee beverage is essential when it comes to enjoying the ultimate, coffee shop experience at work. Check out our range today!

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