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Twitter Coffee Week 2017

Twitter Coffee Week 2017

May 22nd saw the arrival of the Twitter Coffee Week, 5 days packed with some serious coffee action.

Added: 01st June 2017

A company well known for its corporate culture, they really know how to treat their staff… in style. With an open canteen, ping-pong tables and the latest releases in the UK charts playing all day. There was only one thing left to tick off the list…

After recently supplying Twitter UK with a brand new La Spaziale traditional coffee machine, Liquidline were asked by Just Hospitality Catering to participate in their Twitter Coffee Week 2017.
Twitter Coffee Week was a celebration of all things coffee: the latest trends, new skills to add to the team repertoire and a good old fashioned freebie giveaway, who doesn’t love a little treat to take home with them?
Liquidline arrived on the morning of the 24th, bright eyed and bushy tailed with the prospect of showing off everything they really love about coffee: Latte art, coffee tastings, the introduction of Nitro Coffee and barista training for all those budding coffee connoisseurs.
For anyone that loves coffee, the idea of being able to produce something that could be called art in a cup always seems quite attractive, so Latte art went down a treat. Led by a coffee professional himself, the team at Twitter were shown the ropes of producing a beautiful cup of coffee – from stretching the milk to adding the finishing touches with a chocolate Twitter stencil.
nitro coffee brew coffee machine on counter
Nitro coffee has been around for over 5 years, making its debut in Texas and has recently made its way over to the UK and is set to dominate the market one brew at a time this summer. Nitro coffee is a cold brew bag in box system that is pumped through a counter top machine, then infused with nitrogen as it cascades through the beer-tap styled dispense point. Taking coffee to the next level this velvety soft, creamy coffee eliminates the need to add milk and sugar – tasting as good as it looks! If you were looking for a real caffeine kick you’d be looking at downing more than 2 cans of red bull to match the caffeinated power of Nitro Coffee!
Twitter treat their staff pretty seriously and have stepped it up a notch with their brand spanking new coffee machine. It was great to show the staff the ropes of all things coffee.

Until next time Twitter, thank you for having us!


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