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Use the Juicetouch to Reward and Revitalise

Use the Juicetouch to Reward and Revitalise

We all know that everyone should be drinking at least two litres of water per day but how many people actually manage it? Your employee’s are working hard all day your clients and guests look to you to provide their refreshments and you want to deliver cost effective solutions which don’t just re-hydrate, but reward. How?

It doesn’t just have to be water…

Fruit juice is an easy, tasty way of increasing your employee’s fluid intake, boosting productivity and job satisfaction. To clients and guests it goes that extra mile; it gives top level service. A fruit juice dispenser on site is an easy way to achieve this – it’s space conscious, time saving, gives a choice of beverage and it rewards and replenishes.

But it’s not just about tasty juice!

The benefits of juice are along different lines to that of coffee and tea in terms of health, hydration and energy. Fruit juice is a naturally delicious, hydrating boost for those in an office or any indoor environment; such as hotels, meeting rooms and conference rooms. A juice machine offers something refreshing and different to the everyday. Having an easy to use fruit juice dispenser in your office, gym, hotel or restaurant can offer your customers and staff the boost they need as well as being a step above the normal offering. After all, the body is made up of around 60% water and if we don’t keep hydrated that can have a negative effect on concentration, productivity and energy levels. What better way to be remembered by your guests than by setting them up to perform at their highest level that day?

For those in a customer facing environment, why not consider the “cut above the rest” factor that a juice machine can make to that customer experience. Any business can flick on the kettle or turn on the tap for its customers, but in the health conscious times we are living in a fresh, hydrating juice option is likely to stick in any customer’s memory.

How about adding a juice machine to your gym? Car showroom? Waiting room? Hotel breakfast room or Conference suite? In pretty much any customer facing business a juice machine will leave a lasting impression on all of your clientele. It can be the difference between repeat business because your facility offers that something different, over and above the norm.

apple juice in glass bottles

The Juicetouch

Our Juicetouch machine isn’t just an appealing option to boost staff and customer experience; it is easy to use, hygienic and stylish with an LED display touch screen. The juice is dispensed from a bag meaning it stays fresher for longer, with no outside elements to negatively affect the taste or quality. Not only that, there are four juice flavours to choose from with strength variant options, so each user can choose their perfect drink, at the taste to suit them.

The Juicetouch machine is easy to use. It is also easy to maintain, with minimum cleaning required due the design and our service comes with maintenance as standard. It gets better because every Juicetouch machine also comes with still and sparkling water dispensing options as standard, so if fruit juice isn’t the user’s thing, perfectly chilled water is another option!

juice machine on worktop

Contact us today and enquire about our free-loan option on the Juicetouch or view our full range of commercial juice dispensers!


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