Cafétouch 4 Bean to Cup

Manufactured in Switzerland, the Cafétouch 4 bean to cup model is the ultimate multimedia fresh milk coffee machine with embedded video functionality. It offers first class speciality coffee to customers, staff and visitors at the touch of a button. The unique hot-start heating system creates the perfect hot coffee in the first cup, with a selection of up to 14 drinks options. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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cafetouch 4 touch screen

Touch Screen

The Cafétouch 4 has a simple touch screen selection and optional double grinder. Simple to clean and maintain.

cafetouch 4 selections

2 Instant cannisters

This model has 2 instant canisters for milk and chocolate. It is also simple to clean and maintain.

cafetouch 4 hopper

Visible Bean Hopper

The Cafétouch 4 has a visible bean hopper so you can easily see when the beans need topping up.

Technical Details

Product IDCT4
Cups per day200+


March 29, 2018
Jack Brookes
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Cafétouch 4 Bean to Cup