Liquidline home working packs

Enjoy your favourite workplace coffee while working from home

Are you missing the fresh ground coffee you usually enjoy every day in the office? Would you like to enjoy a biscuit treat with your morning tea break from the comfort of your own home? Now you can with the Liquidline Home Working Pack delivered straight through your door in letterbox-friendly packaging.

We have two options to choose from:

  • Buy one pack for yourself to enjoy at home
  • Buy multiple packs for your team or staff working from home

Coffee pack arriving on doormat
The pack includes all your favourites to keep you going through the week:
Picco Coffee Co Misty Mountain Coffee bags
4x Picco Coffee Co  Misty Mountain Fresh ground coffee sachets
Polder Mill Hot Chocolate Sachets
2x Poldermill Traditional Hot chocolate sachets
Clipper teabag assortment
4x clipper tea bags (flavours may vary)
Walkers Biscuit Selection
2x Packs of Walkers biscuits
Squash stix
3x Squash Stix

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We Love Our NHS


Our amazing NHS are working tirelessly around the clock to care for COVID-19 patients.

We want to show our support to them during this difficult time so we’re donating £1 from every Home Working Pack sold to our wonderful NHS.

How we will make the donation

We will track the progress of orders on a 2 weekly basis and then total up the number of orders and donate £1 for every pack that is sold to the following charity – NHS Charities Together Just Giving Page.

5 ways to make the most of home working

Woman taking a selfie drinking a coffee
1. Arrange a virtual coffee break with your team – it’s a great way to stay connected!
Glasses of iced tea
2. Why not try an iced tea? Brew your tea as normal, let it cool and then pour over some ice. You could also top with some fruit for an extra zing!
Drinking coffee in the garden
3. Use it as a good excuse for a break away from your work– take some time in the garden or by the window!
Decorated biscuits
4. Decorate the biscuits and send a photograph to your colleagues!
Glasses of iced coffee
5. Turn any leftover brewed coffee into ice cubes to be enjoyed as a cold drink.

Bulk order a pack for your team

Please note you’ll need to supply a list of home addresses only for your staff/colleagues/friends to receive

    Liquidline home working packs