Coffetek Vitro S1 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine with Powdered Milk

The Coffetek Vitro S1 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine is built to impress. Cost-effective, ultra-compact and beautifully designed, the Vitro S1 is an extremely popular choice for small businesses looking to provide up to 60 cups of premium coffee per day.

This powdered milk machine offers a low-cost alternative to your local coffee shop but does not compromise on performance, quality or consistency.  The UK manufactured Coffeetek Vitro S1 is designed around extracting and brewing the best possible coffee.

The freshly ground coffee is carefully tampered, then brewed at low pressure, delicately agitating the coffee to obtain optimum extraction with a delicate layer of crema. It is then combined with hot water or milk to create your favourite coffee beverages, including cappuccino, americano, flat white and more.

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Vitro S1 Coffee Machine Compact


With an ultra-compact footprint, this bean to cup coffee machine can fit into the smallest of commercial spaces. The Coffetek Vitro S1 takes up just 30 x 43cm of worktop space and stands at only 62.5cm tall.

Vitro S1 Coffetek - Canister & Bean Hopper Feature


Refills are infrequent with the Vitro S1, as the coffee bean hopper has a capacity of 1200g, equating to approximately 170 cups of coffee. Refills are also straightforward, with the hoppers located at the top of the machine.

Vitro S1 Coffetek - 8 Select Buttons Hopper Feature

Simple Operation

The comprehensive menu of six coffee-based beverages, plus delicious hot chocolate and hot water for tea ensure all tastes are catered for. The light-up button panel on the front of the Vitro S1 offers simple operation, making it quicker than ever for coffee lovers to grab and go.

Vitro S1 Waste Tray


Regular cleaning is extremely straightforward. The liquid waste tray is removed from the front, with no need to open the machine. Whilst inside, the 60 drink capacity coffee waste draw allows for easy emptying and dishwasher cleaning.

Vitro S1 Coffetek - Cup Stand

Cup Stand

Dispense a standard sized 6oz or 8oz coffee by placing your cup on the drainage tray at the front of the Vitro S1, or fold down the two height cup stand for 4oz espresso cups, which avoids any unwanted splashes.

Technical Details

Product ID VITROS1
Height 625mm
Width 305mm
Depth 430mm
Cups per day 60

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    Coffetek Vitro S1 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine with Powdered Milk

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