No matter where you work, you can be sure that Liquidline will provide you with a unique experience, that is guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed. Our work spans across the UK from the automotive sector, and office sector to beauty salons, universities and hotel chains.

Office Coffee Machines and Office Coolers We are a nation with a strong coffee culture and our full range of high-quality office coffee machines make workplace environments extra special. At Liquidline, we can also offer you exceptional juice and water solutions for your office staff, improving productivity levels and providing a space to de-stress. Get... View Article

Hydration Solutions in the Facilities Industry There is no question that coffee is one of the top trends in the UK right now. Which is even more reason to get involved and avoid missing out! Here at Liquidline we can offer you bespoke coffee and juice solutions for your workplace. Check out our range of bean... View Article

Why Partner with Liquidline We're passionate about helping provide you with the ultimate jaw-dropping customer experience, our range of bean to cup coffee machines, water dispensers and juice machines will be sure to make this happen. Making your showroom stand out against the rest.  Enhance your customer experience by offering, not just cutting-edge showrooms, but cutting-edge... View Article

Educational Coffee, Water and Juice Hydration At Liquidline, we are proud to offer our services to colleges, universities and schools, by welcoming staff, students and visitors in style with great tasting coffee and refreshments. Improve your student and staff experience with us. Help keep the planet green. We can help provide you with the ultimate... View Article

Commercial Coffee in Retail Do your staff need coffee on the go, or are wanting to provide an extra service to your customers? There is no question that demand for coffee is on the rise. Especially in retail. We pride ourselves in being able to offer some of the best commercial coffee machines and refreshment... View Article

Juice Hydration in the Healthcare Industry. Our water dispensers and juice machines can provide your residents with the perfect hydration solution they need. Having these machines can also help to reduce staff impact time and providing exceptional visitor, resident and staff experiences. Did you know, that drinking juice can help improve cognitive behaviour and general health... View Article

Bean to Cup Coffee for the Hotel and Conference Industry Looking to set up the ideal meeting or event? Have you thought about the beverages you'll be supplying? Try Liquidline. We know the best ways to impress your customers with our range of bean to cup coffee machines, water dispensers and juice machines guaranteed to satisfy your... View Article

Self Serve Coffee to Go Machines  UK consumers purchase millions of takeaway coffees every day and thanks to innovations in coffee machine technology, this is no longer limited to high street coffee shops.  A fully automated self-service coffee machine for your retail, forecourt or convenience store delivers barista-quality coffee to your customers at the push... View Article

Barista-style Coffee in the Catering Industry. It is true that the hospitality and catering sector is stepping up its coffee game. With customers to please and expecting speciality coffee wherever they go, it is becoming increasingly more important to provide an exceptional coffee experience. We can offer you fresh, premium coffee solutions for your catering... View Article

Coffee Machines for Leisure Businesses  Our Cold Nitro Brew'd coffee machines are ideally suited to anyone working in the Industry of Leisure. From gyms, to sports halls and facilities, Nitro Brew'd is twice the caffeine content, but healthier than drinking energy drinks, giving you the caffeine kick you need. We also supply water dispensers and juice... View Article

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