Mains fed Water Machines

Enjoy fresh, clean drinking water anytime with one of our mains fed water machines. Mains water machines improve your environmental impact by reducing plastic bottle wastage. Our water machines are great for energising staff and keeping your workforce hydrated and happy. Read MORE

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Mains Fed Water Coolers for Office & Business Use

Plumbed in water coolers offer a high-quality, constant supply, water solution for your business and are a hugely popular choice of water dispenser for offices across the UK where volume use, paired with reducing environmental impact, are important. These water machines meet the demands of heavy wear and constant usage environments

A mains fed water cooler has a lower level of water waste than a water fountain as cup control is easy, and also lower than a standalone bottled coolers due to no stagnation (such as over weekends) this makes these water machines some of the most economical, efficient and waste-free options for catering to a larger environment.

At Liquidline we have been providing water coolers for over 15 years and as part of our service will always aim to provide the most cost-effective and suitable water machine first, giving you a full breakdown of its benefits and ongoing costs, as well as how it is likely to impact the cost of your water supply. This allows our customers to make an informed decision on the best water option for their business.

We believe the ongoing maintenance of water machines reduces cost long term, particularly with high volume or industrial level use. For this reason, we also provide ongoing support and management of any products from Liquidline and can provide details on maintenance packages at the time of quoting. Our unrivalled level of ongoing support and aftercare ensures that our customers get longevity and the best performance from their water machine.

Chilled Water for a Refreshing Water Experience

Switching from tap water in the office to the installation of a plumbed in water chiller offers a refreshing difference and can even aid in employees driving more water throughout the day – which can, in turn, boost office productivity. Particularly, early in the morning and in the summer months chilled water machines can blow the cobwebs away and make a difference in energy levels.

Environmentally Friendly Water Machines

As well as the convenience of filtered water on tap, the popularity of plumbed water machines has increased in line with businesses becoming more aware of their environmental impact. A Plumbed in machine will not only reduce waste within your business, but also has a secondary impact of reducing carbon emissions across the country by removing the need to order refills of water bottles, or even plastics (such as disposable cups or large volume filters) which can sometimes be associated with bottled water coolers in a public space. Our water machines offer high performance, environmentally friendly solution to keep cool refreshing water flowing in your space all encased within a low-profile system.

At Liquidline we are conscientious in ensuring that our customers receive the very best from our products and ongoing service. We are always happy to talk to people who are browsing our product range, curious or have a question about a product they already own. Our dedicated water machine specialist team are here to help. Feel free to browse our range of fantastic water machines and their specifications.



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