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Billi Instant Hot & Cold Water Taps

The Billi brand is the ultimate boiling, chilled and sparkling water solution. Established in 1989, Billi launched the first under-counter boiling and filtered water system and have become a global distributor. The award-winning Billi Taps, with its stylish, space-saving design and energy efficiency benefits means Billi remain an innovator in their field. Liquidline is proud to be partnered with Billi for distribution and servicing.

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Liquidline are the UK’s leading supplier of Billi Taps. All our 40 Engineers are Billi certified. For more details click below:

Exceed your client and staff expectations with our Innovative Billi Taps

Keeping staff and clients refreshed, a glass at a time, choose from Instant Chilled, Sparking and Hot Water from beautifully designed Water Dispensers.


Billi designs and manufactures a range of energy-efficient filtered water systems that offer our customers the very best in innovation superior performance and reliability. These taps are a combination of advanced safety technology, ease of installation and a range of designer finishes available.

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    Premium Filtration 


    Billi’s ensure you have clean and purified water with their filtration system prevents any dangerous pollutants and impurities such as sediment, chemicals, heavy metals and pesticides from seeping into the water system. The most technologically advanced filtration system for instant boiling and chilled water systems on the market..

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    Ecointelligence Technology 


    A trademarked technology that has a self-learning timer and monitors daily usage patterns allowing the unit to operate only when required. It is so intelligent that it can track its behavioural patterns, and will enter standby mode if no water is dispensing. In an office environment, the unit will often turn itself off outside of working hours, including overnight and on weekends.

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    Safety Switch 


    On every Billi tap is a red padlock icon that indicates when the safety switch is enabled. To change these settings, you can press and release the hot lever to choose to turn the image off and allow the flow of hot water. Ideal in a working environment to prevent any accidents, save water and improve energy efficiency ratings.

    For more than 20 years, they have maintained a commitment to excellence and quality that is second to none.

    The benefits of choosing a Billi system:

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    Substantial energy savings

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    Adjustable chilled water temperature

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    No cupboard ventilation required

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    Stand-by mode conserves power

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    The system only runs when it is needed

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    Water-cooled or air-cooled options

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    Tap swivel feature

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    Safety mode

    calibration icon

    Automatic boiling water calibration

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    Space saving unit size

    Billi’s SET Advantage



    With a focus on space-saving, Billi systems are often less than half the size of comparable products. This allows the most economical use of under counter space. Because boiling point varies by altitude, Billi systems identify the boiling point during the start-up mode and set the temperature accordingly to ensure your boiling water is as close to boiling point as possible.



    A technological breakthrough in energy-efficient appliance design, Billi’s unique heat-exchange system uses change-of-state technology, allowing a large amount of heat to be absorbed and stored. Typically, this heat, generated during the chilling cycle, is wasted to the atmosphere. Billi recovers this waste heat energy to preheat the boiling water enabling our systems to achieve substantial energy savings.



    Billi offers a wide range of different combinations based on the required number of people it is going to service:

    Boiling Delivery                          90-250 cups per hour

    Chilled Delivery                          60-175

    Sparkling Delivery                     60-120

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