Billi Quadra 4100 Boiling and Chilled Water Tap

The Quadra 4100 utilises space and keeps facilities looking fresh with its under-counter installation, futuristic design and classy look. Providing a convenient supply of refreshing filtered water for all, both boiling and chilled, through its smart dispense point. This model can provide up to 250 cup per hour.

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  • Full training on operation and maintenance of the machine
  • Full Maintenance and Service when you buy your consumables with Liquidline for the 1st year
  • Free Delivery on Consumables Orders (over £100)
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460 options

Choice of Water Dispensing options

The Billi Quadra 4100 offers both chilled and boiling filtered water instantly.

Quadra plus undercounter

Under Counter Tank Design

Designed for space saving and efficiency, the under-counter design allows you to make the most of available over-counter area, plus it sounds quieter and better with an internal tank, in comparison to other designs which have an external tank.

billi tap with glass of water

Energy Saving Mode

The Billi Quadra 4100 has a super efficient energy saving mode, to cut down on electricity bills and saving energy.

Technical Details

Product ID QUAD4100
Height 340mm
Width 315mm
Depth 465mm

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    Billi Quadra 4100 Boiling and Chilled Water Tap

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