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Nitro Brew’d Machine
Nitro Brew’d Machine

From: £22.00/week

Commercial Nitro Cold Brew Machine

Cold brew coffee is brewed slowly, at a low temperature. The result is a lighter, smoother coffee with any of the bitterness of some conventional, hot coffee. Nitro coffee is created through the process of infusing the coffee with nitrogen through a pressurised valve. The high pressure and nitrogen combine and push the coffee through a disk in the pipe, and when poured this creates a Guinness-like effect and a creamy, cold and smooth cup of coffee.

Unlike iced coffee, the coldness in the drink is derived from the naturally occurring nitrogen in the air without the need for ice cubes or gas canisters. Nitro cold brew coffee is silky and refreshing, and of course perfect for an afternoon in the sunshine.

Much in the same way that a pint of bitter or Guinness settles, you’ll find that there is great satisfaction in watching Nitro Cold Brew Coffee settle in the glass.

Take advantage of cold brew technology and offer a velvety soft, creamy brew to your customers or staff from the first to the last pour, a perfect solution for your bar, restaurant, hotel or workplace.