Bottled Water Coolers

Even when there’s no plumbing available, our bottled water coolers ensure you can have fresh, clean, chilled water anytime. For an environmentally friendly alternative that’s cost effective and easy to use, our range of coolers come in either freestanding or countertop models. READ MORE

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Bottled Water Coolers for the Workplace

With over 15 years’ experience supplying water dispensers we know what it is involved in the manufacturing and supply of a high-quality bottled water cooler. With this wealth of experience, we are able to provide water coolers to workplaces which are suitable, cost effective and reliable. Further, our ongoing customer service will ensure all maintenance of a water dispenser is of the highest level and provides users with crisp and fresh filtered water in every glass.

When providing options for bottled water coolers to businesses we will ensure the quote provides only the most suitable water machine for your needs. This will be based on expected use, budget and environmental impact ongoing.

High Quality Water with High Quality Customer Service

Bottled water coolers tend to be floor standing and with plenty of designs available there are a number of options suited to your office. This includes both the Oasis and Borg & Overstrom bottled water ranges.

Further, bottled water coolers offer a great level of ROI – costing from just £2 per week for the water dispensers themselves. Filters, bottles, refills and maintenance of machines can also be included on and ongoing basis as we believe that value for money from a water machine is paramount to customer satisfaction, as well as reducing environmental impact from replacing a water machine.

Please feel free to contact one of our water support team to discuss your options for a water machine in greater detail.



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