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Glacier Bottle-Fed Freestanding Water Cooler
Oasis Floorstanding Bottled Cooler
Oasis Mirage Floorstanding Bottle Water Cooler
Oasis Onyx Desktop Bottled Cooler
Oasis Quarrtz Floor Standing Hot and Cold Water Cooler
Oasis Quarrtz Floor Standing Water Cooler

Bottled Water Cooler for the Office Workplace

With over 17 years  experience supplying bottle water dispensers to offices we understand the benefits of providing fresh, chilled water to workers, as well as what is involved in delivering a high quality, great value bottled water cooler for your business.

With this wealth of experience, we are able to provide bottled water coolers to workplaces which are suitable, cost effective and reliable. Furthermore, our ongoing customer service will ensure all maintenance of your bottled water cooler is of the highest level and provides users with crisp and fresh filtered water in every glass.

Buy, Rent or Lease a Bottled Water Dispenser from Liquidline

Bottled water coolers tend to be floor standing and with plenty of designs available there are a number of options suited to your office or workplace. We provide top brands including Oasis, Ebac and Glacier and will recommend a machine based on your individual requirements, including where the machine will be located, budget and expected volume of use.

Bottled water systems are very reasonably priced– costing from just £2 per week for the bottled water cooler itself on a lease hire basis, which includes free delivery, installation and on-site training. If you prefer though, you can purchase your bottle water machine directly from Liquidline.

Filters, bottles, refills and maintenance of machines can also be provided by Liquidline on an ongoing basis, as we believe that value for money from a bottled water machine is paramount to customer satisfaction. If you sign up to purchase your consumables (which may include coffee and tea, as well as bottled water) from Liquidline we’ll also provide free ongoing maintenance and call outs on your bottled water machine.

Quality Bottled Water Coolers with Great Customer Service

At Liquidline we are passionate about providing top quality, great value bottled water dispensers, but we also pride ourselves on delivering 5-star levels of customer service.

Our water machines experts will work closely with your business and team to provide the right bottled water machine for your exact requirements, whilst our customer services team will be on hand whenever you need to order more bottled water, if you have a question about your machine or if you need to report a problem of fault.

On the rare occasion that something does go wrong with your bottled water machine, our team of engineers, based throughout the UK, will spring into action to ensure your bottled water dispenser is back up and running as soon as possible. We aim to fix as many issues as we can within an 8 working hour period, so many issues are resolved the same day.

We also supply commercial coffee machines, vending machines and juice dispensers, so contact today if you’d like to find out more.

Bottled Water Cooler FAQs

How much does an office water cooler cost?

Our bottled water machines start at around £1.50 per week on a lease hire basis with flexible contracts of 3 or 5 years. Replacement bottles of water start from around £7 per bottle, depending on the size and quality of the water e.g. spring water, natural mineral water or bottled drinking water.

Can you refill a water bottle for a water machine?

When you purchase bottled water from Liquidline to use in your bottled water cooler we will collect the bottles and refill them for you, reducing waste and improving your carbon footprint.

How much do replacement water bottles cost?

Replacement bottles of water start from around £7 per bottle, depending on the size and quality of the water e.g. spring water, natural mineral water or bottled drinking water.