Refurbished Coffee Machines

If you’re looking to get more for your money when investing in a commercial coffee machine, then a refurbished coffee machine could be just the ticket for your business.

Due to the unpredictable nature of supplying second-hand coffee machines, the models we have in stock really varies from week to week. Below is a quick rundown of the machines we most often have available. If however, you’re looking for something more specific, please do not hesitate to contact our team, as we may be able to source something for you.

Liquidline Q1 commercial coffee machine

Liquidline Q1

Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Offering up to 60 cups per day of freshly ground speciality coffee. With 8 speciality drinks options available to order from the easy to use touchscreen, this compact and versatile machine has something for everyone. Featuring 3 product containers including chocolate powder.

Perfect for: Medium offices, canteens and self-service areas

Schaerer Soul 12

Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Unrivalled by any other bean to cup machine, the Schaerer Soul 12 is designed to offer maximum variety and flexibility. With a three bean canister, two milk options and over 200 unique drink configurations. This machine offers up to 250 cups per day, making it the ideal machine for large offices and high footfall areas.

Perfect for: Self-service environments, large offices and canteens

Expobar Zircon 2 Group

Traditional Espresso Machine

A compact yet powerful traditional espresso machine that features two group heads, two steamer wands and a hot water tap. The Zircon 2 Group makes the job of a Barista a breeze, with an integrated professional grinder, four programmable coffee dosages and a built-in rotary pump.

Perfect for: Coffee shops, cafés, restaurants and hotels

Markus 2 Group Traditional Espresso Machine

Expobar Markus 2 Group

Traditional Espresso Machine

A stylish yet practical espresso machine, the Expobar Markus 2 Group offers traditional Italian aesthetics with sophisticated technology that allows you to prepare speciality coffee with ease. Featuring 2 group heads, 2 steam wands and a hot water dispenser, the Expobar Markus 2 Group can be used by two Baristas simultaneously.

Perfect for: Coffee shops, cafés, restaurants and hotels

K-Fee One

Pod coffee machine

K-Fee One Capsule coffee machine is an entry-level machine. Compact and attractive which is perfect for any small environment. Making great espresso’s, cappuccino’s and many more.

Perfect for: Small sized offices, meeting rooms and hotel rooms

What is a Refurbished Coffee Machine?

A reconditioned or refurbished coffee machine is a machine that has previously been leased out to a customer, then been returned to us, before being given a new lease of life in our workshop. The machines are returned through no fault of their own, the customers’ fixed-term agreement will have simply come to an end, so they either choose to end the agreement or more often than not, upgrade to the latest machine.

At Liquidline we categorise our refurbished coffee machines into two groups, depending on the level of work that has been completed on them.

Refurbished Coffee Machines

A ‘Refurbished Coffee Machine’ is a used machine where we have replaced any badly damaged parts, along with those more likely to daily. We then clean it up, sanitise it and respray any badly damaged components on the outside of the machine. Any small cosmetic scratches or general wear and tear will remain on the machine.

As New Coffee Machines

Our ‘As New’ Coffee Machines however are totally overhauled – they will look and operate as a new machine straight from the manufacturer. A large amount of the internal components are replaced, the whole of the machine is resprayed and external features such as drip trays will also have been replaced.

Why Choose a Refurbished Coffee Machine?

Buying a refurbished coffee machine is a great way to save money and help the environment. Many businesses are cautious of buying used coffee machines as they worry they won’t have the longevity of a brand new machine, but in reality, you can get many years of service from a reconditioned coffee machine. Commercial coffee machines are built to be extremely durable and hardwearing, so have a fantastic shelf life anyway, but the added security of a once over by a professional engineer ensures a reconditioned coffee machine will work just as well as a new one.

  • Save Money

The most obvious benefit of purchasing a refurbished coffee machine is the significant cost savings. Whilst you may be buying second-hand, because the machine has been professionally reconditioned, in many cases they look and work as good as new.

  • Improved Functionality

As second-hand coffee machines are generally cheaper than buying or leasing a new machine, you often get much more for your money. Subsequently, you can afford to invest in a better quality coffee machine with more bells and whistles on the specification.

  • Sustainability

We’re all encouraged to reduce, reuse and recycle in our efforts to boost eco-credentials and protect eh environment. By choosing a refurbished coffee machine you’re reducing the amount of waste produced by creating a brand new machine, reusing an existing machine and recycling as we take a waste product and turn it into a brand new one.

Used Commercial Coffee Machines FAQs

How Old Are Your Refurbished Coffee Machines?

At Liquidline we primarily sell new commercial coffee machines on a lease hire basis, meaning our clients pay a fixed monthly amount for 3 to 5 years. When a client’s lease comes to an end they often choose to upgrade to the latest model, in which case the used machine is returned.

These returned machines are then taken to our workshop where they are refurbished to a suitable standard and resold.

What Repairs Have Been Made To Your Reconditioned Coffee Machines?

The degree and type of repairs carried out on each refurb really varies from machine to machine. In our workshop, we categorise our reconditioned coffee machines into two groups – ‘Refurbished’ and ‘As New’ – depending on the amount of work carried out on them.

A refurbished coffee machine has only badly damaged parts replaced, along with those most likely to fail. The machine is then cleaned up and sanitised before being resold

An ‘As New’ machine however is totally overhauled. A large amount of the internal parts will have been replaced, and the whole machine is resprayed with external features such as drip trays replaced. In effect, it will look and operate the same as a new machine straight from the factory.

Who Has Carried Out The Repairs On The Refurbished Machines?

Our team of experienced engineers and technicians are based at our state of the art workshop in Ipswich Suffolk. They are fully trained to refurbish a wide range of coffee machine models including Cafétouch, Exobar and Flavia. Generally, repairs are carried out by a single technician, but the machine will be thoroughly inspected and tested by a senior engineer before leaving the workshop.

Does Your Reconditioned Coffee Machine Come With A Warranty?

All our reconditioned machines come with a warranty of between 1 and 3 years, depending on the machine, and will also benefit from free delivery, installation and on-site staff training.