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We supply a range of snack vending machines, bottle vending machines and food vending machines for sale or to lease.  Hiring or leasing a vending machine is very simple. Provide us with 1.2 metre squared of space and power and we can install any drinks vending machine, snack vending machine or vending coffee machine quickly in any location. Read MORE

What are good locations for vending machines?

Holiday Apartments

Many apartment complexes have a pool or a clubhouse. These common areas are a great place for vending machines since all members of the community will have access to them. Keep in mind that the sales on the machine need to be adequate enough to maintain service at your property. Most vendors will want to make sure the equipment is installed in an area where the highest amount of traffic will be.


Guests often don't have easy access to food and beverages in hotels other than the set times to eat and limited bar service. We highly recommend food and drinks vending machines for hotels as the highest profit location, especially located on hotel room landing areas clear for all visiting guests to see on arrival, exit and day to day travel.


Anyone where we large numbers of people looking for a quick drink or snack is perfect for any vending solution. We highly recommend vending machines are placed in apartment blocks, education centres, libraries that are often 24 hour and external locations for easy access for students, visitors and staff.

Sports Facilities

Gyms and health centres are ideal locations for vending machines. From working with thousands of businesses in the leisure industry we know vending is popular especially if facilities can fill their vending machines with healthier products. In 2019 we launched the proteintouch a protein drinks vending machine that can dispense quality protein drinks as refills.


One of our customers Aldi has a range of cold drinks and snack vending machines installed in their staff breakout rooms to keep staff hydrated during their breaks. A recent case study shows you the before and after experience working with us.

Large Offices

It's very common to see a vending machine in an office. Businesses with more than 50 staff can benefit from a drinks vending machine and businesses with 100 or more staff would go for a snacks solution and over 250 staff we would create a bespoke solution such as a micromarket.

What are the benefits of vending machines?

No matter what kind of business you are running, ensuring full comfort to the employees is your prime responsibility. When your staff stays satisfied, you can naturally ensure higher productivity for your business. Moreover, it can also help in building credibility and impression in the competitive market. That is why experts advise installing vending machines at the office premises. These latest office machines make things easier for business owners and employees as well.

There are plenty of benefits of installing vending machines at your chosen location; few of them are listed below:

•         Accessibility and Convenience:

Those who have worked in the office settings know the feeling of having a vending machine on the premises. Many times, hunger strikes in the middle of the afternoon, and we need something to eat immediately. It is not always possible to leave the office and get some snacks from the nearby market. Well, having vending machines on the office premises may help a lot. When you install these machines at the office, it is possible to save a lot of time while ensuring more convenience to your employees.

•         Huge range of refreshments:

Vending machines offer easy access to snacks and drinks on the site. Also, employees need not bring their snacks to the office. Providing snacks, drinks, coffee and water bottles to the employees on the site can help you to maintain an uninterrupted workflow. Employees need not move out to take refreshments.

•         Staff satisfaction:

Employees are always in need of more comfortable and relaxing work environment. If you don’t have adequate arrangements for snacks and drinks, they may feel uncared. Having a vending machine at the office can make things easier to handle. When people get easy access to a tasty cup of coffee, they love to work with more peace of mind and dedication. It is better to make your vending machine-accessible to the employee work area so that they can get their drink on time.

•         Budget-friendly solution:

You will be happy to hear that vending machines are available at an affordable price for lease or outright purchase. You can find a budget-friendly solution with ease to keep your staff happy and satisfied. There is no need to order things from outside every time. These vending machines can serve employees all day long. You can ensure higher productivity in the long run.


Those who are running a business with few or many employees may always need some reliable ways to enhance their productivity. If you are also looking for some of the most durable and convenient solutions to serve drinks, coffee, snacks and water bottles to the employees, it is high time to order most suitable vending machines online. There is a wide range of competitive products from many big brands. On Liquidline platform, you can order the latest models of vending machines at a reasonable price. We ensure fast delivery at your doorstep so that you can manage your brand appeal in the market with a satisfied employee base.



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