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Whether you need a hot drink, cold drink or snack vending solutions, or maybe even all three? Our wide range of vending equipment ensures you’ll find the machine which suits your facilities. You can rest assured that your staff and visitors will be refreshed and satisfied with stylish, efficient and space saving machines.

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Samba Touch

Lease: £44.00

Buy: £9,025.00

Tango Can & Bottle

Lease: £22.00

Buy: £4,765.00

Tango Combi

Lease: £25.50

Buy: £5,200.00

Tango Snack

Lease: £24.50

Buy: £5,015.00

Easy 6000

Lease: £49.50

Buy: £10,250.00

Azure Still Water Dispenser

Lease: £21.00

Buy: £4,230.00


Lease: £32.50

Buy: £3,472.00


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