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Coffetek Neo Q Coffee Vending Machine
Coffetek Vitro Zen Coffee Vending Machine
Coffetek Zensia Hot Drinks Vending Machine
Festival 8 Vending Machine
Festival 8 Vending Machine

From: £65.00/week

Swing Vending Machine
Swing Vending Machine

From: £32.50/week

Twist Vending Machine
Twist Vending Machine

From: £31.50/week

Vivace Vending Machine
Vivace Vending Machine

From: £30.00/week

Commercial Vending Machines

Vending machines are a fantastic addition to any workplace or public area including transport hubs, healthcare waiting rooms, schools, colleges, shopping centres and more. Provide access to a wide range of popular hot drinks, cold drinks, crisps, chocolate bars and even sandwiches and small meals, 24/7 with total convenience.

As well as offering easy access to snacks and a range of beverages under one roof, vending machines are ideal for breakout areas in workplaces, building workspace culture and allowing employees to engage with one another -  boosting morale and productivity.

Vending Machine Solutions for the Commercial Space

Choosing the best vending machine for business can be a challenge, which is why our vending experts are here to assist you in sourcing the most effective and efficient vending machine for your requirements.

Our selection of vending machines spans the entire vending market. From cold drinks vending machines and hot drinks vending machines, as well as snack vending machines, we have a variety of solutions to fit within the commercial environment, including vending machines for offices.

Vending Machines For Sale, Rent or Lease

Hiring or leasing a vending machine with us is very simple. At Liquidline, our vending machine solutions cover both purchase and leasing. All our quotes include free delivery, installation and on-site training with a member of your team. Whatever your needs, we have a vending machine solution that will suit you.

Different Types of Vending Machines

Vending machines are user-friendly automated machines that dispense an item of choice to a customer in exchange for money, often snacks, bottled or canned drinks or hot drinks such as coffee or tea.

At Liquidline, we are proud to offer an extensive selection of vending machines. Whether you are looking for a snack vending machine, cold drinks vending machine, food vending machine or hot drinks vending machine, we’re certain that we’ll be able to recommend a solution that will fulfil the needs of your commercial premises.

If you are not too sure where to begin with your search for the best vending machine for business, then please get in touch with our team of experts who will be happy to help you select the best machine for your needs.

Our range of vending machines available for lease, rent or purchase includes:

Snack Vending Machines

Snack vending machines can be stocked with a selection of confectionery and snacks from well-known brands such as Cadbury, Walkers, Pringles, Galaxy and more. Combination vending machines can also offer a range of canned and bottled soft drinks alongside snacks.

Cold Drinks Vending Machines

Cold drinks vending machines can be stocked with a range of cold drinks, including canned and bottled soft drinks and water, which are delivered to the end-user chilled for optimum refreshment.

Food Vending Machine

Food vending machines are truly a caterers dream thanks to a retractable pull out drum that allows for fast and easy stock replenishment. Chilled below 8 degrees, these machines are capable of offering more substantial food options such as sandwiches, pastries, cold pasta dishes and salads.

Coffee Vending Machines

Coffee vending machines offer a range of hot drinks quickly, conveniently and at a low cost. From the touch screen operated interface and impressive hot drinks programmes, our hot drinks vending machine can be tailored to your individual needs.

From workplaces looking for a healthy solution to gyms looking to increase customer value, we can help you deliver a single or combination vending machine offering healthy snacks and drinks.

What is a Good Location For a Vending Machine?

Holiday Apartments

Many modern apartment complexes have a pool or clubhouse. These common areas are a great place for installing a vending machine since all members of the community will have access to them. Keep in mind that the sales on the machine need to be adequate to maintain service at your property. Most vendors will want to make sure the equipment is installed in an area where the highest amount of traffic will be.

Hotel Vending Machines

Guests often don't have easy access to food and beverages in hotels other than at set times such as breakfast, lunch and dinner. We highly recommend food and snacks vending machines for hotels are placed in a high-profit location, such as the reception or front desk, clear for all visiting guests to see on arrival and exit.

University Vending Machines

Anywhere there are large numbers of people looking for a quick drink or snack is perfect for a vending machine. We highly recommend vending machines are placed in student accommodation blocks, education centres, libraries that are open 24-hours and external locations for easy access for students, visitors and staff.

Sports Vending Machines

Gyms and health centres are ideal locations for vending machines. From working with thousands of businesses in the leisure industry we understand vending machines are popular, especially when they contain healthier products.

Retail Vending Machines

Our customer Aldi has a range of cold drinks and snack vending machines installed in their staff breakout rooms to keep staff energised and hydrated during their working day.

We also offer commercial coffee machines that are ideal for keeping your workforce powered throughout the day.

Office Vending Machines

It's very common to see a vending machine in an office. Businesses with more than 50 staff can benefit from a drinks vending machine, whilst businesses with 100 or more staff would benefit from a combi vending machine offering drinks and snacks. For businesses with over 250 staff, a bespoke solution such as a micro-market provides a cost-effective alternative to a traditional canteen.

How do Vending Machines Work?

The concept of a vending machine is simple. It is an automated machine that dispenses products on demand in exchange for money or tokens, without the need for an employee to operate the machine. The user simply enters enough money, selects the product they would like via a keypad or touch screen, and the machine automatically dispenses that item into a collection area.

A vending machine can sell any product, though they are most commonly used to sell food and drinks, including snacks and hot drinks.

What are the Benefits of Vending Machines?

No matter what kind of business you are running, ensuring full comfort to your employees and visitors is your prime responsibility. When your staff and customers are satisfied, you can naturally ensure better outcomes for your business. Moreover, it can also help in building credibility and impression in the competitive market. That is why experts advise installing vending machines at offices, as well as transport and healthcare hubs.

There are plenty of benefits of installing vending machines at your chosen location, a few of which are listed below:

Accessibility & Convenience

Those who have worked in an office setting understand the benefits of having a vending machine on site. When hunger strikes in the middle of the afternoon, but it’s not possible to leave the office, then a vending machine is a saviour that fends off hunger for the rest of the day.

Vending machines are also ideal in areas such as transport hubs, healthcare waiting rooms and hotels, where people may find themselves spending long periods of time outside of what you would consider normal food service hours. In these cases, a vending machine may provide welcome relief in the form of a refreshing bottle of water, warming cup of tea or a comforting bar of chocolate.

Huge range of refreshments

Modern vending machines are capable of offering up to 36 different snacks and drink options, including bottled soft drinks, cans, crisps, chocolate, confectionery and more, from household brands including Cadbury, Walkers, Pringles and Galaxy. More often than not though, workplaces, in particular, are opting for healthier alternatives including bottled water, cereal bars, nuts and seeds.

Staff satisfaction

Today’s workforce is looking for more than just a salary and job title, and wellbeing initiatives are now essential to creating a comfortable and happy workplace. Providing access to healthy snacks and drinks is an easy way of making team members feel valued and a vending machine for the office is a quick and convenient way to manage this. When people have easy access to a tasty cup of coffee or a healthy snack they love to work, with increased peace of mind and more dedication.

Budget-friendly solution

You will be happy to hear that vending machines are available at an affordable price for lease or purchase. You can find a budget-friendly solution with ease to keep your staff and visitors happy and satisfied. There is no need to order things from outside every time. These vending machines can serve employees and customers all day long.

Food, Snacks & Drinks Vending Machines from Liquidline

Those who are running a business with few or many employees may always need some reliable ways to enhance their productivity. If you are also looking for some of the most durable and convenient solutions to serve drinks, coffee, snacks and water bottles to employees, it is high time to order a suitable vending machine online.

Liquidline offers a wide range of competitive products from many big brands. You can order the latest models of vending machines at a reasonable price. We ensure fast delivery and installation so that you can manage your brand appeal in the market with a satisfied employee base.