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Borg & Overstrom are producers of world-class drinking water solutions. Established in 2002, Borg & Overstrom design and manufacturer commercial water machines and hot & cold taps in the UK. This innovative company are pushing boundaries with new technology and solutions like the touchless foot pedal system. Liquidline is proud to be a selected partner of Borg & Overstrom.

Borg and overstrom mains fed water cooler

Mains Fed Water Coolers

A Sleek, compact and contemporary design. Ultra modern and high capacity. Low energy consumption and Ultra-hygienic touch sense control panel. Counter top convenience. Complete with Dry Chill technology. Temperature can be programmable right down to 1C.

Touchless Foot Pedals

Reduce the risk of spreading infection by installing a Borg & Overstrom Foot Pedal. This ingenious design can be added to existing units, and are available from Liquidline today. Contact Us to find out more.

Hand holding smartphone that is displaying the Borg and Overstrom app. In the background a countertop water dispenser is filling a sports bottle

Touchless App

– The app works using bluetooth technology to search for app-enabled water coolers within 2m.

– It is compatible with B3.2 and B4.2.

– Existing B3.2 and B4.2 models can be app-enabled by an engineer. New orders of models can be app-enabled prior to delivery. 

– The app enables users to dispense water hands-free. 

– Great for high footfall locations.

– Only one person can use the machine with the app at a time. 

Available to Rent or Purchase 

Our ranges of commercial water coolers and hot & cold taps are available to rent or purchase.

Borg and overstrom tap



TotalityTM is a unique methodology designed to ensure our machines provide an exceptional standard of hygiene.

It provides the assurance for every user that the water being dispensed is as safe as it is refreshing.



Laboratory certified
99.999% bacteria-free



sterilising system



Biofilm, limescale and impact
resistant epoxy resin panel finish

Coffee & Water Solutions

Commercial Water Dispensers
Mains Water Dispensers
Borg and Overstrom
Refurbished Machines and Equipment
Hot and Cold Water Taps

Bean to cup machines take fresh beans, grind them and dispense freshly ground coffee mixed with a choice of fresh milk or powdered to create a range of premium drinks like lattes and cappuccinos at the push of a button in seconds.

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