Buy, Lease or Upgrade to a Touchless Water Dispenser

Liquidline brings you the latest water technologies to give you the reassurance to enjoy a safer hydration experience. Buy, lease or upgrade to a touchless water dispenser, and keep your staff
and yourself safe.

If you are looking for a solution for your hydration needs, then Liquidline are here to help. Our range in Touchless Water Dispensers are here to provide staff and customers with their chilled and sparkling water at the touch of a foot. With our touchless water dispensers your customers and staff can enjoy their drinking water using touch-free technologies built into our water machines. 

Touchless Water options available:

  • Borg and Overstrom B3 and B4 Water Dispensers
  • Oasis Kalix Cooler
  • Marco Boilers

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    Touchless Water Dispensers: Compatible with Borg and Overstrom, Marco and Kalix Coolers and Dispensers

    The Oasis Kalix and Borg and Overstrom Water Dispensers have innovated with foot operation (hands free). This allows drinking water to be dispensed without having to handle dispensing taps, minimising contact. With a Foot pedal operation, you will be able to improve the overall hygiene of the water coolers and dispensers. This will allow you to make your staff and customers feel safe when using the machine.


    Foot in a brown shoe pushing on a black foot pedal on a silver bracket with a snowflake badge on a laminate wooden floor with the text 'foot operated water dispenser' on the left hand side

    Borg and Overstrom hands free foot switch

    Reduce risk of contamination and keep staff and customers safe with a simple conversion kit for existing Borg & Overström dispensers. Or buy brand new! The Borg and Overstrom hands free foot switch has available model, including both B3 and B4. Using a Borg and Overstrom hands free foot switch provides you with a low-cost solution, that’s simple to install.

    This is a low-cost solution that’s simple to install.

    Hand holding smartphone that is displaying the Borg and Overstrom app. In the background a countertop water dispenser is filling a sports bottle

    Borg and Overstrom Touchless App

    – The app works using bluetooth technology to search for app-enabled water coolers within 2m.

    – It is compatible with B3.2 and B4.2.

    – Existing B3.2 and B4.2 models can be app-enabled by an engineer. New orders of models can be app-enabled prior to delivery. 

    – The app enables users to dispense water hands-free. 

    – Great for high footfall locations.

    – Only one person can use the machine with the app at a time.

    Two foot pedals attached to the bottom of a Kalix water cooler to the left hand side is a small image of a full size silver Kalix Water Cooler

    Oasis Kalix Foot Pedal Operated Water Dispenser

    The Oasis Kalix retrofit foot operated solution for your water dispenser is ideal for any office that is looking for a safer touchless solution to keep staff hydrated. Along with the foot pedal switch, the Oasis Kalix kit includes a blanking plate to cover the push buttons and labels to signal to the user that this is a foot activated unit.

    Water Boilers with Hands Free Attachment

    This adapter is made from easy-to-clean, hygienic stainless steel and attaches simply onto the tap, secured in place by a wing nut. Users simply need to push the adapter with the back of the cup or vessel. The specially-designed curved adapter reduces the risk of contact between the cup lip and the tap. Compatible with all Marco Tap boilers and Marco Jet Urns.