Blupura Fontemagna Water Dispenser

The Fontemagna water cooler machine does everything you need it to do. With a touch screen display, and the ability to provide up to 50 litres of water per hour, this machine is ideal for any workplace environment. This machine also encourages you to refill and reuse water bottles rather than use plastic cups, is energy efficient and has a well-insulated ice bank for a high volume supply of cold water.

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fontemagna screen

Hygienic Display Screen

Glass touch-screen commands for hygiene and ease of use. It also has a curved aluminium top which is easy to clean and maintain.

blupura fontemagna

R290 Ecological Gas and Insulated Ice Bank

This machine has the many advantages of having ecological gas meaning it is energy efficient and less harmful to the environment. It also has an insulated ice bank for a high volume supply of cold, still and sparkling water.

ecoboiler t20 feature

Double Cooling coil

This machine has double cooling coil one for cold water and the other for sparkling. It also has a professional stainless steel carbonator.

Technical Details

Product ID FONTE
Height 1450mm
Width 520mm
Depth 510mm
Weight 50kg

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    Blupura Fontemagna Water Dispenser

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