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Schaerer Barista Automatic Coffee Machine
Expobar Zircon 2 Group Espresso Coffee Machine
G10 1 Group Traditional Espresso Machine
G10 3 Group Traditional Espresso Machine
La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi 1 Group Espresso Machine
La Spaziale S2 Espresso Machine
La Spaziale S40 Seletron Espresso Machine
La Spaziale S5 Compact Espresso Machine

Our Best-Selling Commercial Espresso Machines

Schaerer Barista Automated Espresso Machine

Equipped with stylish touch display and luxurious heat cup storage, the delectable taste of twelve varying coffee recipes can be yours to indulge in, with the Swiss espresso coffee machine from Schaerer. Easy to use with little training, and capable of producing over 250 cups of quality coffee per day, this top-of-the-range machine offers maximum efficiency.

La Spaziale S40 Selectron Espresso Machine

Ergonomically designed with high-grade materials, LED lighting and chrome inserts, the S40 is the perfect balance between elegance and functionality. Equipped with electronic boiler temperature control and fine grinding, this state-of-the-art machine enriches users with refreshments that are full-bodied and have a harmonious balance between a sweet, sour and bitter tasting finish.

Zircon 1 Group Plus Espresso Coffee Machine

With 4 programable modes, coffee control, and an impressive 11.5 litre capacity amongst its key features, the Zircon 1 Group Plus is a vital component of any restaurant or takeaway establishment. A powerful and practical machine, the Zircon 1 has an interchangeable drip tray, and two steel arms for foaming multiple batches of milk at once, for perfect lattes and cappuccinos during busy periods.

Choosing your Traditional Barista Machine

Boiler Capacity:

For those in spaces with a consistently high demand for quality beverages, correct boiler size is of the utmost importance. Your machine must have the capacity to fulfil the number of cups you require per day. To prevent any over-use and the untimely demise of your machine, we provide a comprehensive description of the technical specification of our machines and enable you to filter them by number of servings required per day.


Our selection of professional espresso machines come equipped with customisable programmes and a great range of menu items, enabling users to select great tasting quality coffee at the click of a button.

Steam Wand Functionality:

Designed to delight customers with every signature heart, tulip and swan, latte art is a customary of any quality hospitality establishment. If you produce a high volume of barista-style coffee, you require the functionality of a machine with multiple steam wands – enabling you to froth multiple batches of milk at once.

Build Quality and Durability:

Whether a busy office space or leading hospitality establishment, settings with a high volume of individuals require a coffee machine built for commercial use. Machines need to be reliable, and able to withstand the all-day demand for great tasting coffee. Browse our range online, filtering by the number of cups for guidance on the best machine for your needs. Or get in touch with our coffee experts today for bespoke advice and a personalised quote.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much is a commercial barista machine?

Our range of commercial espresso machines are available to lease from as little as £14.50 per week. Upon discussing your tastes, reviewing your commercial space and required capacity of cups per day, we can determine which machine would be most suitable for your commercial space.

What is the difference between a cheap and expensive espresso machine?

Typically equipped with a drip tray, basic steam wand and simple pressure gauge, these bare-bones machines can steam milk and make espressos, but their functionality ends there. With a higher-spec machine, you will be able to produce a high-volume of quality coffee at the click of a button; thanks to features such as dual wand functionality, temperature control and a higher boiler capacity.

What is the lifespan of an espresso machine?

With the proper care and maintenance, espresso machines have a life expectancy of 9-10 years.

Is it worth investing in an espresso machine?

From single-serve machines to more complex models, espresso machines are adored for their convenience and great-tasting coffee. Read our blog on the benefits of investing in a commercial espresso machine here.

Are espresso machines hard to maintain?

Upon leasing one of our espresso machines, you will be provided with training on how to properly clean and maintain your machine. We will also provide you with access to our online portal where you can easily purchase the correct cleaning equipment for your machine, amongst other goods.

Each of our machines are covered by a maintenance package. If you run into any trouble with your machine, we have a dedicated technical services team on-hand to talk you through cleaning or repairing it over the phone. Should you require further technical assistance, we are able to deploy an Engineer to your site at your earliest convenience.

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